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align (oneself) with

To support, agree with, or form an alliance with a particular person or idea. As soon as I explained how the plan would benefit the company financially, the CFO aligned himself with the idea. Heather aligned herself with an animal rights group and began promoting veganism.
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align oneself with someone or something

Fig. to bring oneself into agreement with someone or someone's ideas; to associate oneself with someone or someone's cause. She sought to align herself with the older members.
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align something with something

to adjust, straighten, or arrange something in reference to something else. Try to align this piece with the one next to it.
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Based in Round Rock, Texas, ClearCorrect is a manufacturer of clear aligners, correcting malocclusion since 2006.
The important point about the Eye Aligner is that if you use it every time you fly, you'll at least have a consistent sight picture," said company spokesman Chad Battelene.
A vasodilation is carried out, as well as the increase of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, which enables the treatment with these aligners.
AM's potential to eliminate fabrication and assembly steps by manufacturing complex designs in a single process step, as was the case at Aligner Technology, has the potential to reduce overall supply chain complexity.
This broad range of services parallels the fact that Invisalign clear aligners are suitable for teens and adults.
By Noimot Olayiwola/Staff Reporter More than 50 patients have straightened their teeth at the Hamad Medical Corporation's Dentistry Department, using the modern transparent approach called Invisalign -- a custom-made series of aligners.
Invisaligners (1) are a series of clear, custom-made, thin, removable plastic aligners, nearly undetected and created to effectively move teeth into their desired position".
The EVG systems augment Nemotek's class 10 cleanroom, which already houses several EVG tools, including an EVG6200 bond aligner, a fully automated IQ Aligner UV-NIL system, an EVG520IS wafer bonder, and an EVG40NT metrology system.
The aligner can be fitted at Cherrybank Dental Spa, with two surgeries in Edinburgh and Perth.
Unlike metal braces, you can remove and put back the aligners on your own.
A pneumatic aligner automatically detects each sandwich and initiates the alignment process by precisely positioning it corner-to-comer prior to cutting.
Also has one 12,000 pound wheel alignment lift with aligner
Times-News, will comprise a Quipp Twin-Trak belt conveyor, a stream aligner, two Model 500C Wide stackers, an Electronic Kit for its Model 300 stacker, and three free-roller conveyors.
DMT has integrated their popular Double Sided Diafold sharpener, offering portable, two-stone sharpening at its best, with the Aligner Blade Guide's 7-Angle adjustability for the correct edge every time and the new Magnetic Angle Guide magnetic attachment.
The engineers at DMT have enhanced their Aligner into a full sharpening kit that will serve us today's solution for maintaining a consistent bevel for superior sharpening results on any blade.