align with

align (oneself) with (someone or something)

To support, agree with, or form an alliance with a particular person or idea. As soon as I explained how the plan would benefit the company financially, the CFO aligned himself with the idea. Heather aligned herself with an animal rights group and began promoting veganism. No, no, I'm not aligning myself with either one of you. I just want you two to make up!
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align something with something

to adjust, straighten, or arrange something in reference to something else. Try to align this piece with the one next to it.
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Do our customs align with what we SAY we believe in?
What can districts do to ensure that professional development strategies and spending align with findings from the best available research--and affect student achievement?
The authors recommend that districts look at spending in three categories--targets, purposes and delivery systems--and ensure that PD strategies align with findings from the best available research.
Because the pneumatic part rides on tubes that align with the side of the block, allows free movement along their length and utilizes a bumper to match the piston with the bore center, this unit can be adapted to any bore spacing, and allows the operator to process 10% more engines in the same time.
Dowels capture the gears, while keyways align with holes in the spacer.
It must be augmented to align with the different state curricula, he says.