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align (oneself) with

To support, agree with, or form an alliance with a particular person or idea. As soon as I explained how the plan would benefit the company financially, the CFO aligned himself with the idea. Heather aligned herself with an animal rights group and began promoting veganism.
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align oneself with someone or something

Fig. to bring oneself into agreement with someone or someone's ideas; to associate oneself with someone or someone's cause. She sought to align herself with the older members.
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align something with something

to adjust, straighten, or arrange something in reference to something else. Try to align this piece with the one next to it.
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"The Align privacy panels, which also serve as bulletin boards, helped to address these needs."
If the interests of those involved in the success of the company--all the customers--are aligned in parallel, then all will win.
Clear guidance on the business risk appetite and risk management is necessary to align the risk-reward-reputation preferences of all stakeholders, including the tax director and the tax department.
Among the challenges facing CEOs and other leaders are fostering individual thinking and innovative actions, while simultaneously ensuring that mindsets and behaviours are aligned.
When properly aligned, the molecules inside an LCD turn pixels on and off by twisting and rotating in response to electronic signals sent by the computer processor.
Caputo is a well-known program manager in the workplace industry and will lead large programs for Align's strategic clients.
The strongside DT will align in a 1 technique and the weakside DT in a 4 technique.
The district also implemented Compass Learning software, aligned it with the district's curriculum in all grades and content areas, and reinforced such topics as butterflies, for example, using technology.
With a simple, focused vision, clearly articulated, effective leaders align people behind corporate objectives.
However, while polythiophenes have many superior properties, researchers can't easily align the molecules within a sample, which limits current flow.
This fall I worked with a K-12 school system to align its curriculum with state and professional education standards, including those from the International Society for Technology in Education.
SmileDirectClub announced the decision in the arbitration brought by SmileDirectClub against Align Technology Inc.
Before that happens, however, researchers must find better ways to grow and align these carbon nanotubes.