alight (up)on

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alight (up)on

1. To land or rest upon something. The large black crow alighted on the telephone wire high above the street. As he walked into the room, his eyes alighted upon a gorgeous woman wearing a red dress.
2. To arrive at a thought or idea. The engineer alighted on a mathematical solution to the problem he'd been trying to solve all week.
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alight (up)on someone or something

to land on something; [for a bird or other flying animal] to come to rest on something. (Upon is more formal than on.) A small bird alighted on the branch directly over my head. It alighted upon the branch and began to sing.
See also: alight, on

alight on

1. To come down and settle on something; land on something: I watch the birds alight on the branches outside my window.
2. To discover or arrive at something by chance: The workers alighted on a simple solution to the problem.
See also: alight, on
References in classic literature ?
1-4) Phoebus, of you even the swan sings with clear voice to the beating of his wings, as he alights upon the bank by the eddying river Peneus; and of you the sweet-tongued minstrel, holding his high-pitched lyre, always sings both first and last.
Bucket's eye, after taking a pigeon-flight round the room, alights upon a table where letters are usually put as they arrive.
The camera glimpses the sky through tangled wires, settles upon a group of men bickering on the war-beaten streets, alights upon a huddle of displaced Syrians entering the city.
The education of Barack Obama is a protracted process as he repeatedly alights upon the obvious with a sense of original discovery.
It is such a fragile looking thing, The butterfly upon the wing, And when it alights upon the flower, It looks so delicate and lacking power.
Though the author's roving eye remains intact, and those subjects its alights upon feel as delightful and insightful as ever, Harkaway has honed this incomparable trick of his to a filigree so fine that it appears nearly invisible; a filament of woven gold--impossible, yet a fact for all that--which runs through Angelmaker from the fanciful first to the beloved last.
However when that search alights upon Finstall Park and the homely clubhouse of Bromsgrove, it is dif-f ficult to think of any other, except perhaps successful.
Once she has married off her close companions, she alights upon the pretty Harriet Smith to fashion into her new playmate and ally.
Jumping back to 1983, yarn alights upon two teen stepsiblings, Charley and Mamie, who get to know one another by going to bed, resulting in a child Marie gives up for adoption.
These tiny sensors, built of a porous form of silicon, just look like sparkly specks of dust, but each one is designed to change color in a characteristic way when a particular organic material alights upon it.
In her text, the curator alights upon "artists [who] explored fiction, the cinematic gaze, and pleasure from the perspective of gender difference in society"--e.
Taylor's genius is unusually unified with its own expression, a stylistic chameleon at the service and Mercy of the material it alights upon.
This wide-ranging experience, and a fondness for storytelling, are all brought to bear in conversation which, on this day, alights upon the flexibility of genre film, specifically the Western.