alight (up)on

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alight (up)on

1. To land or rest upon something. The large black crow alighted on the telephone wire high above the street. As he walked into the room, his eyes alighted upon a gorgeous woman wearing a red dress.
2. To arrive at a thought or idea. The engineer alighted on a mathematical solution to the problem he'd been trying to solve all week.
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alight (up)on someone or something

to land on something; [for a bird or other flying animal] to come to rest on something. (Upon is more formal than on.) A small bird alighted on the branch directly over my head. It alighted upon the branch and began to sing.
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alight on

1. To come down and settle on something; land on something: I watch the birds alight on the branches outside my window.
2. To discover or arrive at something by chance: The workers alighted on a simple solution to the problem.
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References in classic literature ?
Instead he leaped above menacing claws and snapping fangs, turning in mid-air and alighting upon Sheeta's back, and at the instant of impact his knife struck deep into the tawny side.
The spear entered the rhinoceros' neck at its junction with the left shoulder and passed almost entirely through the beast's body, and at the instant that he launched it, Tarzan leaped straight into the air alighting upon Buto's back but escaping the mighty horn.
Geared up this way, my mind trips ceaselessly from one mundane thought to the next, alighting upon a single word or meaningless riff or song snippet I happened to hear that day.
In a fit of desperation and equipped with a healthy sense of adventure, I make my way past the crowd and risk alighting upon the slippery top of a limestone formation that juts out, between trees.
I remember laughing as I watched a fruit fly whirl about in circles of apparent anticipation before alighting upon a mango rind in my kitchen.
FEW sights cheer the heart more than strolling with a chum through woods and suddenly alighting upon thousands of bluebells.
The point of view jumps about, alighting upon various members of "La Nuit's" cast -- various crew members as well as the four principal actors on whom the story centers.
Certain birds, especially as I see things, such lonely birds as the heron, hawk, eagle, and swan, are the natural symbols of subjectivity, especially when floating upon the wind alone or alighting upon some pool or river, while the beasts that run upon the ground, especially those that run in packs, are the natural symbols of objective man.
That situation has not changed in warm-up matches - he came off the bench on to the right wing at Leicester City last week and on to the left flank against Fulham at the weekend - as McLeish shuffled his attacking options without ever alighting upon his England Under-21 international.
I think of one in particular, in which she described the first robin of spring, alighting upon her windowsill to wake her in the morning, singing of southern climes and warm rosy days to come.
Companies might look at these as globalization strategies or cost reduction strategies or time-to-market strategies, eventually alighting upon lean strategies.
As for alighting upon Strawberry, Dana is well aware she could have chosen a different alias.
// In the deep corner / on Fridays / The cross is moaning.// I must now respond / In a human voice." Bradunas also has not lost his touch for a felicitous and often moving turn of phrase: "a sacred and hungry, bird" to describe a street pigeon alighting upon an outstretched palm, as if the Holy Ghost upon the band of a saint, or "With a stone under its head / Dear fire at peace and asleep" to suggest a pagan altar.
Alighting upon seemingly random anecdotes -- a man filming his wife's suicide on his iPhone, Solh's Damascene aunt ferrying a slaughtered lamb across the border for a family barbeque -- the piece's camerawork commences with a slow pan over an automobile weighed down with a refugee family's possessions and concludes with a detailed assessment of a dismembered sheep, displayed upon a white surface.
If I foolishly attempt a proper grown- up conversation with his mother about, say, whose turn it is to wash the baby's bottles, he starts his impression of a man carelessly alighting upon a red hot poker,and does not stop again until we cease talking and concentrate on him instead.