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alienate (one) from

1. To isolate or estrange one from something. Her status as the teacher's pet alienated Lisa from her peers.
2. To cause a person or group to reject something. The candidate alienated many potential voters from his party when he insulted blue-collar workers.
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alienate someone from someone or something

to cause someone to feel negative about someone or something. The teacher alienated the entire class from the subject of calculus.
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She has assaulted two of the three children and she has further abused all three children by keeping them from their father physically and alienating them emotionally from him."
That is, there are no mixed feelings with these children; the targeted parent is all "bad" and the alienating parent is all "good."
This perception does not, however, excuse school improvement and does not justify abandoning the effort to create less alienating schools.
Like Leinwand, Sullivan is dismissive of Appleby's impalpable, alienating market, and proposes a new model in which mercantile activity is an occasion not for anxiety, but for cheerful opportunity: "the possibility of loss, the necessity to play oneself, the ceaseless bargaining are present but seen as openings for profit" (22).
Besides providing nutrition information, reasons for becoming a vegetarian, and many, many recipes for vegetarians and vegans, this book deals with the pressures of being the lone vegetarian in a social setting and ways of explaining your decision to others without alienating them or creating uncomfortable situations.
Unlike Kovacevich, most CEOs cannot afford to take the risk of alienating analysts and investors.
* Finally, keep reading BE In the coming months, we'll show you how to make the best use of e-mail--without alienating your colleagues and clients.
position on health issues and international instruments has been so combative and isolationist we've ended up alienating traditional friends, especially Europeans," he told the Los Angeles Times.
Chavez commands popular support but he spent much of his election campaign railing against the "corrupt oligarchy and alienating the country's Catholic Church, media, private sector, oil workers and foreign investors.
We have learned to see more clearly both the alienating and the maturing aspects of this continuing story.
Both directors share the goal of encouraging a new audience for the Volksoper without alienating those who already attend.
401(a) (13) (A); that section bars participants and beneficiaries from assigning, alienating and pledging their interests in qualified plans.
Yet while the life-size photographic portraits against mirrored surfaces are often taken as typical of the period, they exhibit an alienating, conceptual dimension that was not fully to unfold for another decade.
Any situation can be alienating. Being in church can be alienating.
Few managers realize that discussing a company's future plans with a contingency is alienating, not encourgaging.