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alienate (one) from

1. To isolate or estrange one from something. Her status as the teacher's pet alienated Lisa from her peers.
2. To cause a person or group to reject something. The candidate alienated many potential voters from his party when he insulted blue-collar workers.
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alienate someone from someone or something

to cause someone to feel negative about someone or something. The teacher alienated the entire class from the subject of calculus.
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That is, there are no mixed feelings with these children; the targeted parent is all "bad" and the alienating parent is all "good.
This perception does not, however, excuse school improvement and does not justify abandoning the effort to create less alienating schools.
Like Leinwand, Sullivan is dismissive of Appleby's impalpable, alienating market, and proposes a new model in which mercantile activity is an occasion not for anxiety, but for cheerful opportunity: "the possibility of loss, the necessity to play oneself, the ceaseless bargaining are present but seen as openings for profit" (22).
The show's elements--both in its material and its performance--are perfectly fused into a single entity: the absolute, distilled magic of Fosse, with all that odd, alienating and alienated difference that made him a cut apart, and in many ways a cut above, his Broadway contemporaries.
Few managers realize that discussing a company's future plans with a contingency is alienating, not encourgaging.
According to Cindy Butts (Cindy is a yob name) the deputy chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority, the term yob is alienating because it sets up and defines too much as "'self' and 'other'".
And to jail or deport mullahs who preach what we don't like risks alienating some of the people we need to win over.
In Mom's Survival Guide To Instant Messaging, parents are provided with clear explanations of what Instant Messaging is; a humorous guide to Instant Messaging's unique slang; "war stories" from Moms sharing situations they've faced in a wired world; practical tips about regulating and monitoring children's use of Instant Messages--and obtaining children's cooperation without alienating them.
Her detractors complain that her attachment to pop music is tenuous at best, that her compositions lack structure, and that her idiosyncrasies are too alienating.
Nor was he about to be inhibited by the fear of alienating other countries.
On the other hand, Nazi agricultural policy had variable effects on popular attitudes, alienating those who were hit by the establishment of compulsory peasant entails for certain farms, but offering chances of social mobility to those members of the rural lower classes who were able to seek new opportunities in industry.