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alienate (one) from

1. To isolate or estrange one from something. Her status as the teacher's pet alienated Lisa from her peers.
2. To cause a person or group to reject something. The candidate alienated many potential voters from his party when he insulted blue-collar workers.
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alienate someone from someone or something

to cause someone to feel negative about someone or something. The teacher alienated the entire class from the subject of calculus.
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Justice Thea Herman ruled that the arbitrator made an error in law when, having reached the conclusion that this was a case of parental alienation, he decided the children should attend the Family Workshop for Alienated Children.
Cullen finds that while alienated Catholics may find a home in his parish, it is often temporary.
Parents who have suffered the terrible hurt of having a child grow distant from them seize upon the theory of PAS and feel vindicated if an evaluator can determine that the child has been alienated.
Bardwell's--I mean Dorian's--story is that he's an alienated high-school fashion victim who is bad at sports.
and) you will make your managers feel disenfranchised, alienated and impotent.
This robbed architecture of symbolism and depth and resulted in object buildings alienated from context and alienating to many people.
Told by Denn, this spare, fast-moving tale quickly draws readers in, and its ending isn't what you'd expect: Denn has all the material possessions he could want, but he's alienated everyone he cared for.
African-American youth are less likely to be alienated from organized religion than white youth.
Nikki has alienated herself from the family for 15 years both physically and emotionally.
By the end of his life, Melville was so alienated from American culture that his death was barely noticed.
Church sources estimate that a half million Italians, chiefly among the alienated young, have had contact with Satanic sects.
Having alienated his agent, and ticked off a woman who has to power to okay a movie deal, Marcus is on book tour in Dallas where he appears on a local television talk show to defend his career and his latest book.
No, Godin is not suggesting that you want alienated, embittered customers.
After their pleasure peaks, they return to their own separate spheres, alienated from each other and the world.