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alienate (one) from

1. To isolate or estrange one from something. Her status as the teacher's pet alienated Lisa from her peers.
2. To cause a person or group to reject something. The candidate alienated many potential voters from his party when he insulted blue-collar workers.
See also: alienate

alienate someone from someone or something

to cause someone to feel negative about someone or something. The teacher alienated the entire class from the subject of calculus.
See also: alienate
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How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" is one of those films that's dead on arrival.
The cast of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People includes Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz; Spider-Man heroine Kirsten Dunst, X-Files star Gillian Anderson and Jeff Bridges from K-PAX and Seabiscuit.
In a tight race, he'd be loathe to alienate any Republican.
If the John Birch Society is hoping to alienate every thinking person under the age of 60, more articles like this one are in order.
SIMON Pegg's eagerly-anticipated new film How to Lose Friends & Alienate People is to have a charity premiere in Birmingham next Tuesday in aid of Cure Leukaemia.
The idea of taking a traditional tale and retelling it is fine, but it should not alienate parts of the workforce.
ALAN Murray (Police alienate people they need help from, Voice Of The North, November 23) believes the police are wasting their time, and alienating the public, by focusing on speeding motorists instead of catching "'real criminals".
It could lure more ethnic viewers or alienate fans with the ploy's crassness.
If we continue to ignore and alienate our youth, there is no doubt that the church will soon disappear.
As Daalder and Lindsay contend, it can't afford to alienate the world.
But Democrats will only go so far down the path of ignoring scientific evidence because they don't want to alienate their scientific supporters.
Within two weeks of entering parliament, Alliance leader Stephen Harper has managed to alienate the Maritimes by saying they lacked drive and initiative, and Canadians in general by telling them they should cuddle up to the Americans.
However, the judge worried that the father's negative attitude toward the mother could manifest itself in an attempt by the father to alienate the child from the mother through parental alienation syndrome.
Because H was never entitled to the plan benefits, it was not possible for him to assign or alienate the benefits.