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Alibi Ike

Someone who constantly makes excuses, so as to shirk duty or responsibility. The name was featured in the 1920s short story "Alibi Ike." A: "Sorry, Mom, I can't do the dishes tonight—I have a baseball game and then homework and also a project that's due tomorrow." B: "Listen, Alibi Ike, I think you can squeeze in washing a few dishes." He's supposed to manage the company's social media presence throughout the day, but every time we've asked him to post something recently, he's too busy. He needs to stop being Alibi Ike and do the job we're paying him for! I know you're busy, Alibi Ike, but I could really use your help for a few minutes.
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et alibi

From Latin, meaning "and elsewhere," used after a list to indicate the inclusion of other locations. Used especially in reference to multiple additional pages or passages within a text. Sometimes shortened to "et al." Examples of this philosophical stance can be found in Carter (Primer on Metaphysics, pp. 232, 245, 347, et alibi). Countries throughout continental Europe—Germany, France, Spain, et al.—have been impacted by the drought.
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