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Alibi Ike

Someone who constantly makes excuses, so as to shirk duty or responsibility. The name was featured in the 1920s short story "Alibi Ike." A: "Sorry, Mom, I can't do the dishes tonight—I have a baseball game and then homework and also a project that's due tomorrow." B: "Listen, Alibi Ike, I think you can squeeze in washing a few dishes."
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et alibi

From Latin, meaning "and elsewhere," used after a list to indicate the inclusion of other locations. Used especially in reference to multiple additional pages or passages within a text. Sometimes shortened to "et al." Examples of this philosophical stance can be found in Carter (Primer on Metaphysics, pp. 232, 245, 347, et alibi). Countries throughout continental Europe—Germany, France, Spain, et al.—have been impacted by the drought.
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The seven-judge panel is reviewing the intermediate Court of Special Appeals' decision that Syed's now-deceased defense attorney's failure to investigate the potential alibi witness violated his Sixth Amendment right.
On the other hand, Gaspar's alibi cannot prevail over Ning's positive identification of him as the author of the crime.
"'Second Alibi' provides an honest window into the 'hollow stuff.' Harnisch is at his best, though, when he leaves his inner critic behind and allows his creativity to color the world around him." -- Foreword Reviews
Max and Abi provided each other with an alibi, but Max recently told her: "Look Abs, what happened on Good Friday stays between us, only us."
The Original Alibi is recommended for when you need a dash of Noir in your weekend.
Oh, going to the range is what you need an alibi for?
Olson and Wells (2004) noted that an alibi's surface traits (details of the alibi story provided) typically do not make an alibi strong or weak, but rather it is the corroborative evidence that is key.
He told her: "The first that we've heard of any suggestion that you can alibi your son for this murder is today.
We predicted that participants who were not warned that they would be supplying an alibi would use narrative features that were indicative of hesitancy and uncertainty at higher rates and would have lower word counts and interview times than those who were warned.
As Weir explains in his introduction, narrative alibi takes two forms in Tolstoy.
Since opening in 2007, Alibi has already had its share of celebrity sightings, including the likes of Kate Hudson, Kevin James, William H.
His defence team claimed he had a solid alibi as he was home with his family the night of the alleged attack.
A convicted killer who got a new trial by claiming his lawyer failed to present an alibi defense at his trial 10 years ago has changed his story again.
But the new accounts - handed over to detectives hired by the McCanns - threaten to contradict his alibi.