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have an alcohol problem

To tend to drink alcohol often and to excess. Yeah, I had an alcohol problem when I was younger—that's why I went to rehab.
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under the influence of alcohol

Drunk. The police pulled him over for driving under the influence of alcohol.
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have an alcohol problem

 and have a drinking problem
Euph. to be a drunkard. He has an alcohol problem. It got so bad that he almost lost his job. If you have a drinking problem, our clinic can help.
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Antibiotics were starting to be used as treatments for various STDs, and it seems that the advice that alcohol and antibiotics make the medicine ineffective actually came from the fact that doctors didn't want people to drink and potentially spread STDs in the process.
There isn't any difference in calories between the hard alcohol varieties either, as long as they are the same proof.
Despite strict laws, it seems that alcohol misuse has become a significant problem in Pakistan.
"This study estimates some of the most severe harms that alcohol use may cause to other people than the drinker, namely, foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), road traffic fatalities caused by drunk drivers, and deaths resulting from alcohol-attributable interpersonal violence," said Ludwig Kraus, the corresponding author.
In the US, a standard drink contains about 14 grammes of alcohol, in Australia it is 10 while in Japan, it is slightly higher at almost 20.
200,000 UK live with alcohol-parent Of the 163 premises with 24-hour alcohol licences, 15 of those were pubs, bars and nightclubs, 87 were supermarkets and stores and 34 were hotel bars.
She said some of the young people had turned into alcohol addicts.
But for women, according to Mr Emmanuel Dada, a psychologist, he explained that alcohol is a tool to overcome loneliness, depression, heartbreak, peer pressure, and to forget an unpleasant memory among other things.
Many kids and their parents are not overly concerned about alcohol, which does not carry the same stigma as illegal drugs.
and around the world, the book provides the foundation for researchers and stakeholders on a grassroots level to tackle problems stemming from alcohol consumption.
Those can be from any of 15 conditions including alcoholic liver disease, alcoholinduced heart disease and alcohol poisoning.
This includes reducing the number of people who are treated in hospital every year as a result of drinking alcohol and cutting the death toll linked to alcohol.
The association between alcohol misuse and organ damage, specifically liver disease, has been recognized for more than 200 years (Maher 1997).
The LCBO records several characteristics of each wine, including the actual and stated alcohol content.