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under the influence of alcohol

Drunk. The police pulled him over for driving under the influence of alcohol.
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have an alcohol problem

 and have a drinking problem
Euph. to be a drunkard. He has an alcohol problem. It got so bad that he almost lost his job. If you have a drinking problem, our clinic can help.
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For the study, the experts calculated the numbers of cancer cases attributable to alcohol consumption in each s3x based on cancer data from two population-based cancer registries (PBCRs) in Nigeria.
Alcohol absorption is particularly influenced by the environmental sources of the variation across individuals outlined above (i.
In 2002, I continued to observe a disturbing trend of alcohol overdoses among our young people and underage drinking parties in rural areas of the county.
Program and policy efforts to ameliorate alcohol use and its negative consequences in higher education are increasingly reported on in academic journals.
Though the alcohol-free group enjoyed the decrease in diastolic blood pressure, the best effects on central systolic (arterial) blood pressure were seen in the alcohol group.
Researchers have found that people suffering from obesity, alcohol addiction, and drug addiction tend to have lower-than-average numbers of D2 (dopamine) receptors in their brains.
Interestingly, alcohol contributed to a growing rift in the Church between the younger priests who pressed to be more activist in society, and their more conservative elders.
Alcohol abuse is a multigenerational issue, in which this biopsychosocial disorder often is passed from one generation to the next.
He says as soon as it is legal, he'll convert his five-plane fleet to alcohol engines.
Yet the federal bureaucracy has never served as a neutral moderator when it comes to alcohol policies.
Women were also asked if they binged on alcohol (consumed at least five drinks at one sitting) during each period.
Genetic linkage and association studies have identified many chromosomal regions and quantitative trait loci (QTL) associated with complex phenotypes related to alcohol induced behaviors and/or alcoholism.
With these statistical numbers on the rise and resulting behavioral health issues, the dental team must be increasingly more alert to recognize patients who need special care and possible referral for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) services.