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drop (one's) aitches

To not pronounce the "h" sound (typically when it appears at the beginning of words), as is done by speakers in some parts of England. She's been dropping her aitches to try to fit in with the other kids.
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slang Hell. The phrase spells out "hell" upside-down and backwards. Hey, don't say 773H in front of the children!

drop your aitches

fail to pronounce the ‘h’ sound, especially at the beginning of words.
In Britain, dropping your aitches is considered by some to be a sign of a lack of education or of inferior social class.
1903 George Bernard Shaw Man & Superman This man takes more trouble to drop his aitches than ever his father did to pick them up.
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ˌdrop your ˈaitches

not pronounce the ‘h’ sound, especially at the beginning of a word, where it is pronounced in standard English
This is a feature of some English accents, for example the London one.
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and 773H
n. hell. (This is based on the printed word HELL rotated 180 degrees. Jocular.) What the seven-seven-three-aitch is going on around here?


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Researchers at Manchester University said the footballer dropped his aitches 80 per cent of the time before he went to the US to play for the LA Galaxy.
Viewing figures have dropped like aitches at a Mitchell knees-up, but even now she blames the show's predicament on cast illnesses and pregnancies.
David Evans has shown, whether you approve of his message or not, that bellowing from the terraces, dropping aitches, and letting the grammar look after itself is far more effective than an entire regiment of think- tanks with a flotilla of image-makers thrown in.
Not over-burdened with brains, eternally forgiving of her "Tracy, loov", a mountain of dropped aitches outside No.
Katie Hopkins, the one who believes her kids should be kept away from common children with common names in case they catch rickets, or even worse, start dropping their aitches, has been passing judgment on minorities again.
My grandfather invented it years ago, but only because his mangled Black Country dialect involved dropping all aitches and adding them to any words which began with a vowel.
It is not his moustache that is the problem, nor his dropped aitches, his anti-charisma or even his pathetic whinging in the Telegraph.
I still tend to leave out aitches, but unfortunately everyday speech demands that you use so many.
As he moved left he dropped not his Aitches but his titles and even parts of his name.
Peppering his lines with lots of rhyming slang only heightens the unintentional hilarity and he drops aitches as if his life depends on it: "Yer 'avin' a bubble ( I can't take a Yank ter football
My mother told me never to trust a man who drops his aitches - Former Tory spin doctor Amanda Platell.
How the property's ghosts must shudder as dropped aitches and malapropisms crash to glass floors.
Or, conversely, are they all from those dark satanic mills, heads clad in knotted handkerchiefs, aitches safely packed away as they munch on black pudding and tripe sandwiches.
But once I'd managed to ignore 'Enery's dropped aitches and ``finks'' in a court where everyone else had bools in their gobs, I saddled up for a rollicking romp through history.
I am indeed in favour of tolerance and being tolerated, Mr Barnard, and just as much when one has an idiosyncratic way of speaking or writing as when one has a common one - such as dropping one's aitches.