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The residuals formula for the first repeat airing of a show increased from 12 to 17 percent of a performer's minimum pay for live action programs made directly for basic cable.
ABC plans a four-week live primetime stint for its latenight "Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher," airing an original installment at 10 p.
Some ABC affiliates have opposed the idea, however, fearing that a nighttime airing of soap operas would drive away some of their viewers.
Stations in Ten Select Markets to Begin Airing "House of Payne" This Spring/Summer
Euro RSCG 4D DRTV will use Teletrax's tracking technology to monitor all broadcast, cable and satellite television airings of its short and long-form direct response programming within the top 150 U.
The broadcast reach of the each cable network airing the infomercial will be 40 to 60 million homes.
Tradesight LLC, an international online stock analysis service is airing for the 3rd time on Alexander Haig's World Business Review
The video news release resulted in over 85 airings and the radio news release generated 231 airings, reaching a combined audience of 25 million.
The first round of TV airings started last week with broadcast schedules from Business Television (BTV) on MSNBC.
A BCC News Video News Release (2-3 min) is typically distributed via satellite to over 200 broadcast stations and cable systems with a minimum guarantee of 466+ airings including Top Ten DMA markets (LA, NY, SF, Chicago, etc.
The campaign will cover TV, Radio and print media and these are the first US targeted TV airings in the campaign.
In addition to supporting the Shopping Television Network airings, which are set to run from October through December, AMF will partner with the Company to grow sales in this distribution channel through other established AMF business relationships.
executed an agreement on September 17, 2003 to test launch "Gym TV ", a private television network, in Gold's Gym, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and to provide broadcast content and advertisers' airings on Gym TV as well as custom Gold's Gym branding in the Gold's 40,000 square foot location.
The key elements of the campaign will be airings on television, via local broadcast and cable channels to a cumulative minimum of 50 million households in addition to a guaranteed airing on at least one major Airline for an entire month as in-flight programming.
Knowing which of its stories broadcasters are airing - and, as importantly, not airing - allows the World Television news team to continually refine its editorial offering to meet the needs of its 440 broadcast clients across the globe.