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It's not the sex and nudity that make ``Girl Next Door'' offensive, but the filmmaker's assumption that, as likable an airhead as Stacy genuinely is, any moviegoer could possibly be interested in getting to know the real her.
A proud mum herself, Melinda may look like an airhead with her blonde hair and heaving cleavege, but in this programme she really knows what she wants, what to expect being a mum and how to get it.
An airhead pummelling your partner's flesh is maddening but far less of a threat than a brainbox massaging the far corners of his mind.
The Jump Start Kits will provide six Nokia RoofTop R240 Wireless Routers; a Nokia RoofTop R240A AirHead router; the Nokia RoofTop Router Management System (RMS), software that simplifies the installation and monitoring of the wireless network; and the Nokia AIR Operating System for intelligent, real-time traffic routing.
With their cheesy grins, bad wigs and liking for Heavy Metal airhead slang, Myers and Carvey are as eager to please as two puppies and they created a hugely successful comedy of instant cult status.
The Crazy Chick singer, 20, confessed: "We asked Paris to be onthe programme, because I could takethe mick out of her and not feel atall bad about it - she's such acomplete airhead
LADY VICTORIA HERVEY said, `It hurts me when people assume I'm an airhead who always parties'.
The focus of this supernatural maelstrom is Frankie Paige (Patricia Arquette), an airhead beautician in Pittsburgh whose troubles begin when she opens a package sent by her mother from Brazil.
She is the epitome of the character type we all love to hate - the Californian airhead with more money than sense.
BIG Breakfast star Donna Air wants to put some clear blue water between her and the image of being an airhead.
I told her I found her a bit of an airhead and she took it as a compliment.
Airhead model Sahara (Bridgette Wilson) gets deep inner meaning from ``The Little Mermaid'' and loves soap-opera actor Bob (Maxwell Caulfield).
ONE wonders whether the politicians and other airheads castigating David Cameron for referring to the masses of immigrants invading Europe as a 'swarm' have taken the trouble to check the meaning of the word?
Three years ago Michael Buerk was so apoplectic about the BBC's dumbed-down coverage of the Queen's Jubilee he wrote an epic rant calling it "cringingly inept" because they put in front of the camera "pneumatic birdbrains, daytime airheads and vacuous D-list celebrities" like Tess Daly.
On the screen a succession of day-time airheads preened themselves or gossiped with even more vacuous D-list celebrities.