air pores

air (one's) pores

slang To be naked. It feels good to air my pores and take a nice hot bath after a long day at work.
See also: air, pore

air one's pores

Sl. to undress oneself; to become naked. Me and Wilbur, that's my brother, both fell in the creek and had to air our pores a while so our pants could dry out.
See also: air, pore
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The parameter provides information on the pattern of arrangement of the various particulates as well as air pores within a tablet.
When soils become saturated, gas diffusion and exchange between the soil and the atmosphere is hindered because the air pores are filled with water.
The contract is for the supply, installation and start-up kit for determination of the characteristics of air pores in the hardened concrete.
Therefore one can conclude that when air pores are distributed more sparsely and their specific surface area is larger, then the structure is more homogenous.
But the question arises: does the air pore structure in hardened self-compacting concretes depend on the added superplasticizer?
Considering the above, the air pore structure of several self-compacting concretes made with additions of two most commonly used superplasticizers was examined.
The air pore structure in the four hardened 90-day old concretes was examined in a diameter range of 10-4000 [micro]m by means of a computer image analyzer Image Pro Plus 4.
an impermeable structure free from water capable of being frozen, and producing an appropriate system of air pores not able to be completely filled with water, which, at the same time, will contribute to an improvement in the thermal properties of the material.
The soil has air pores and volume space," said Falder.
Ryegrass seedling weights were significantly greater in non-poached compared with poached treatments, while the content of air pores >60Bm in the top 40mm of soil was 10.
Inside these tiny homes, rhizobia draw nitrogen from air pores in the soil and chemically convert it to a form that the plant can absorb.
Supply of laboratory equipment for the single DepartmentsTechnology - Laboratory Road GDDKiA divided into parts Lot 1 - Supply of equipment kit for determining the characteristics of air pores in the hardened concrete - 3 pcs .
2006), the type of a superplasticizer is crucial on account of the size and proportions of air pores participation, obtained as a result of its functioning, although the time of hardening of concrete does make a difference to further changes of these proportions (Fig.
Research results of porosity structure show that air pores which are the effect of the functioning of a superplasticizer, depending on flowability of a mix, can have irregular shape or can also be regular, and because of their shape and size look similar to pores formed as a result of acting of an air-entraining admixture.
According to Phielleo's conception, the "flow length" index determines protected volume of cement paste by one air pore (Fig.
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