air grievances

air (one's) grievances

To express one's dissatisfaction. The employees used the meeting to air their grievances about their salaries and working conditions.
See also: air, grievance

air one's grievances

Fig. to complain; to make a public complaint. I know how you feel, John, but it isn't necessary to air your grievances over and over.
See also: air, grievance
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Herzog said Andujar often would arrive cranky at Busch Stadium ready to air grievances.
By taking on Nicol'e1s Maduro so forcefully in a region where leaders, by tradition, tend to air grievances privately, Macri could galvanise the political opposition in Venezuela in the leadup to the December 6 parliamentary election there and embolden other leaders to isolate Maduro.
All Parties function within a structured discipline and Party forums exist to air grievances and seek redress.
They took shifts attending the 5151 annual Celebrate Israel parade, with both men finding it an appropriate time to air grievances.
Having a heart to heart will be productive but air grievances in a calm and logical manner.
I'm willing to concede the average casualty department is far less tranquil than a school reception area,but it does happen that school staff face intimidation and assault, when some parents can't air grievances without resorting to violence.
Aboriginal activists want to meet the Queen when she visits Australia next week and air grievances for which they claim she is responsible.
The sources said Mikati refuses to play the scapegoat because of the March 8 coalition's inability to air grievances, regardless of the results.
Global Banking News-March 28, 2012--Indian gold-loan firms to meet central bank to air grievances about new lending norms(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
Over the years, MRGI has reportedly supported BDI in holding reconciliation meetings between tribal leaders, allowing them to air grievances and resolve their differences.
Obama recently brought two dozen Wall Street executives to the White House to seek their advice and allow them to air grievances, according to an (http://www.
O'Donnell said he and colleagues had been told not to air grievances about the coalition.
The celebration saw men, women and children participating in the fighting festival, known as Takanakuy, which aims to air grievances and vent personal problems that might have built up over the year.
Since then, talk shows and live broadcasting of political developments in Egypt have expanded, and government critics use the programs to air grievances that have left practically no government official untouched.
If reports of a planned attempt to air grievances at a team meeting in Rustenburg last night had to be scrapped are true, it represents a forcible confirmation of Capello's authority and a weakening of Terry's position.