(someone) ain't seen nothing yet

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(someone) ain't seen nothing yet

Someone has only glimpsed or experienced the beginning of something that will become even more exciting, impressive, or important. (The word "ain't" is a colloquial form of "hasn't" or "haven't," which are sometimes used instead.) I could tell your parents are already impressed with the house, but they ain't seen nothing yet! A: "Wow, there is so much going on in this city all at once!" B: "Just wait, darling, you ain't seen nothing yet—it only really comes alive at night!"
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You ain't seen nothing yet!

Rur. The best, most exciting, or cleverest part is yet to come! (The use of ain't is a fixed part of this idiomatic expression.) Alice: Well, the first act was simply divine. Sue: Stick around. You ain'tseen nothing yet! Mary: This part of the city is really beautiful. Bill: You ain't seen nothing yet!
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you ain't seen nothing yet

there is something even more extreme or impressive in store. informal
This expression was popularized by Al Jolson's aside in the 1927 film The Jazz Singer, ‘you ain't heard nuttin' yet’.
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Manchester City are the only unbeaten team in England, but the boss says we ain't seen nothing yet.
Even though we have more than 200 speakers (the most ever) confirmed for our fifth-annual politics-and-policy gabfest on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin, choose your preferred cliche: the best is yet to come, you ain't seen nothing yet, etc.
One final message for TM, if you think that the support and fervour for your brilliant feat in keeping our club up last season was impressive, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Never mind Jeremy Clarkson's enraged petrolhead fans, if they lose Poldark they ain't seen nothing yet.
MANILA -- If you think that traffic has been particularly bad in the past few days, you ain't seen nothing yet.
But we ain't seen nothing yet, as there is so much more for Liverpool and Merseyside to enjoy before we bid goodbye to the summer.
IF you think there are enough turbines in Aberdeenshire, you ain't seen nothing yet, according to Aberdeenshire Council deputy leader Martin Kitt-Hayes.
If you thought some of the brawls on "RuPaul's Drag Race" were ferocious, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Supersize Grime Channel 5, 8pm You may think your teenage son's bedroom is the absolute peak of nastiness, but trust us when we say you ain't seen nothing yet.
HARRY REDKNAPP has warned Tottenham's rivals that, when it comes to wing wizard Gareth Bale, they ain't seen nothing yet.
If you thought Nazis died in 'The Dirty Dozen,' brother, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Most people who use ain't use it especially when they are talking in a casual way, or in familiar expressions like "you ain't seen nothing yet.
I hate to be the bearer of more budget bad tidings - but you really ain't seen nothing yet.
Then, in a move that must have seemed like heresy to some and delusion to others, the prophet announces: "You ain't seen nothing yet.