aim for

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aim for (someone or something)

1. To point or guide an object, such as a weapon, at a target. Make sure you aim for the target before you pull the trigger. His water balloon is aimed for you! Run! How did my arrow end up all the way over here? I aimed for the bullseye!
2. To strive to accomplish a particular goal. After studying all weekend, Amanda is aiming for a perfect score on her history exam. What sales goal are we aiming for this quarter? Of course I'm aiming for straight A's this semester—my parents don't want me slacking off, even if it is senior year.
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aim for something

 and aim at something
to strive toward a particular goal; to direct oneself or one's energies toward something. You should aim for success. Aim at getting this done on time.
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Aeroflot CEO aims for increases in domestic share, long-haul fleet.
Aeroflot aims for greater domestic share with Siberian consolidation.