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aim at

1. To point or guide an object, such as a weapon, at a target. Make sure you aim at the target before you pull the trigger. His water balloon is aimed at you! Run!
2. To target a particular issue or goal. The new program is aimed at helping struggling students get the tutoring they need to succeed in class.
3. To direct something at a specific person or group. I could tell that his rude remarks were aimed at me even though he did not mention my name. The studio's ad campaign is aiming at teenagers, but I think the movie is too violent for a young audience.
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aim for

1. To point or guide an object, such as a weapon, at a target. Make sure you aim for the target before you pull the trigger. His water balloon is aimed for you! Run!
2. To strive to accomplish a particular goal. After studying all weekend, Amanda is aiming for a perfect score on her history exam.
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aim for the stars

Don't limit yourself—aspire to achieve greatness, even if it seems impossible or impractical. When choosing a career path, don't settle—aim for the stars!
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aim to

To strive or plan to do something. I aim to be the best customer service representative I can be. I'm aiming to win Holly's heart—she is just the prettiest girl in the whole town.
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reach for the sky

1. To set one's goals or ambitions very high; to try to attain or achieve something particularly difficult. My parents always taught me to reach for the sky when I was growing up—that I could be anything I set my mind to! With all that money, you could do whatever you want. Reach for the sky, kiddo!
2. A command for one to put one's hands up in a show of surrender, as during a robbery or an arrest. Reach for the sky, MacAfee, we've got you surrounded!
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aim for something

 and aim at something
to strive toward a particular goal; to direct oneself or one's energies toward something. You should aim for success. Aim at getting this done on time.
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Aim for the stars!

 and Reach for the stars!
Aspire to something!; Set one's goals high! Aim for the stars, son! Don't settle for second best. Set your sights high. Reach for the stars!
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aim something at someone or something

to point or direct something at someone or something. Wally aimed the hose at Sarah and tried to soak her.
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aim to do something

Rur. to intend to do something. I didn't aim to hurt your feelings, sugar, you know I didn't.
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reach for the sky

1. and aim for the sky; shoot for the sky Fig. to set one's sights high. Reach for the sky! Go for it! You should always reach for the sky, but be prepared for not attaining your goals every time.
2. Fig. Inf. to put one's hands up, as in a burglary. The gunman told the bank teller to reach for the sky. Reach for the sky and give me all your money!
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take aim at someone or something

Fig. to prepare to deal with someone or something; to focus on someone or something. (Based on take aim (at someone, something, or an animal).) Now we have to take aim at the problem and try to get it solved. The critics took aim at the star of the musical and tore her to pieces.
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take aim (at someone, something, or an animal)

to aim [something] at someone, something, or an animal. The hunter took aim at the deer and pulled the trigger. You must take aim carefully before you shoot.
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We aim to please.

Fig. We try hard to please you. (Usually a commercial slogan, but can be said in jest by one person, often in response to Thank you.) Mary: This meal is absolutely delicious! Waiter: We aim to please. Tom: Well, Sue, here's the laundry detergent you wanted from the store. Sue: Oh, thanks loads. You saved me a trip. Tom: We aim to please.
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aim to

Try or intend to do something, as in We aim to please, or She aims to fly to California. This term derives from aim in the sense of "direct the course of something," such as an arrow or bullet. [Colloquial; c. 1600]
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reach for the sky

1. Set very high goals, aspire to the best, as in I'm sure they'll make you a partner, so reach for the sky. The sky here stands for high aspirations. Also see sky's the limit.
2. Put your hands up high, as in One robber held the teller at gunpoint, shouting " Reach for the sky!" This usage is always put as an imperative. [Slang; mid-1900s]
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take aim

Direct a missile or criticism at something or someone, as in Raising his rifle, Chet took aim at the squirrel but missed it entirely, or In his last speech the President took aim at the opposition leader. [Late 1500s]
See also: aim, take

reach for the sky

If you reach for the sky, you are ambitious and try hard to achieve something very difficult. You have inspired our students and helped them to reach for the sky.
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take ˈaim at somebody/something

(American English) direct your criticism at or your attention to somebody/something: The unions are taking aim at the government.Several retail giants have now decided to take aim at the youth market.
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aim at

1. To point or direct something at someone or something: The archers drew back their arrows and aimed at the target.
2. To intend something for some purpose. Often used in the passive: We aimed our discussion at a solution to the financial problems. The new computer classes are aimed at teaching how computers work.
3. To be intended to achieve something: This new program aims at raising awareness about privacy issues.
4. To do or say something intended to affect someone or something. Used chiefly in the passive: Their sarcasm was aimed directly at me. The antismoking campaign was aimed at teenagers.
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aim for the sky

and reach for the sky and shoot for the sky
in. to aspire to something; to set one’s goals high. (See a different sense at reach for the sky.) Shoot for the sky, son. Don’t settle for second best. Don’t settle for less. Reach for the sky!
See also: aim, sky

reach for the sky

See also: reach, sky

reach for the sky

1. Go to aim for the sky.
2. in. (a command) to put one’s hands up, as in a robbery. The bank teller reached for the sky without having to be told.
See also: reach, sky

take aim

1. To aim a weapon or object to be propelled.
2. To direct criticism or one's attention at something.
See also: aim, take
References in classic literature ?
But if he had put his rifle to his shoulder with evil intent God would have punished him for it; and even if the Lord didn’t, and he had missed his aim, I know one that would have given him as good as he sent, and better too, if good shooting could come into the ‘count.
He drew up his rifle, and renewed his aim again and again, still appearing reluctant to fire, No sound was heard from even Brom, during these portentous movements, until Kirby discharged his piece, with the same want of success as before.
That's it, sir,' returns Durdles, quite satisfied; 'at which he takes aim.
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