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AIL said one of its engineers was retained by the contactor, Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd.
A downgrade of AIL's national ratings could be triggered by a decrease of BTK's control in AIL, materially reduced GBPCE's interests in BTK or a significant downgrade of GBPCE's ratings, all of which Fitch considers unlikely in the foreseeable future.
Erbyn hyn mae Ail Symudiad hefyd wedi sylweddoli fod y gm drosodd.
The AIL was an organisation of and for professional librarians and those studying to become professional librarians.
Assistant Chief Constable GrahameBarker said: ``There is no doubt in my mind that the message about only sending appropriate em ails has gone out to all four corners of the organisation.
One source also claimed that the band-7/8 coverage provided by the -56M is not necessary for use with an FOTD, thus reducing the cost of ownership for the self-protection system being pitched by AIL.
The molecular data is ail fairly consistent," says John Gatesy of the University of Wyoming in Laramie, one of the first who reported the whale-hippo connection.
Best believes that AIL and AIUK will report strong pre-tax profits in 2008.
We are at the bottom of the barrel," a senior health official requesting anonymity told M AIL T ODAY .
Testun ei hymchwil fydd Methodoleg Ail Iaith a bydd yn ymchwilio i'r ffactorau cynhenid sydd yn effeithio ar safonau addysg Cymraeg Ail Iaith.
Furthermore, CRISIL believes that GoI's guarantee will remain unaffected by any infirmity or irregularity on the part of AIL to undertake any of its obligations under the NCD programme; the guarantee will remain unaffected even if AIL is referred to the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction, or comes under the purview of the Sick Industrial Companies Act, or that of any other authority notified under any law with powers in respect of revival or rehabilitation of sick companies.
30pm) Nic Parry fydd yn holi'r cwestiynau heno wrth i bencampwyr ail gyfres Pen Campau, Ysgol Bro Morgannwg herio Ysgol Gyfun Gweyr.
The effort, completed by AIL Systems 24 months ahead of schedule, converted early ALQ-161 production systems to a single production base line configuration; completed previously identified Correction of Deficiency (COD) work; and restored CORE Program engineering models to the base line configuration.
Sources in the hospital told M AIL T ODAY that there has been a shortage of these machines in the hospital for quite long.
Yr un mor bwysig, ond yn ymdrin a maes hollol wahanol, yw'r llyfr 'Fflach o Ail Symudiad, Stori Richard a Wyn',' eto newydd ei gyhoeddi gan y Lolfa, sydd yn olrhain hanes y grwp pop Ail Symudiad o Aberteifi.