aid (someone) in (something)

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aid (someone) in (something)

To assist someone in completing an action or activity. It was nice of Julie to aid me in cleaning my house before the party. Jim aided his son in changing the flat tire on the car.
See also: aid

aid someone in something

to help someone in some kind of trouble. Will you aid me in this difficulty?
See also: aid

aid someone in doing something

to help someone do something. He aided her in fixing up the back bedroom.
See also: aid
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The gun is equipped with the state-of-the-art laying and sighting system such as GPS aided INS, muzzle velocity feeder data management, day and night firing, ballasting computer system capability.
When both are accurate, our position keeping is then called AINS (Aided INS).
Along with discussions about the benefits and independency offered by acoustically aided INS systems, feedback throughout the day focussed on general concepts of operation and user requirements.
Tian, "Study on GPS attitude determination system aided INS using adaptive Kalman filter,"
Tenders are invited for Gps Aided Ins Modules With Development Kit
As part of this year's conference at the Memorial City Hotel, Houston, James Allen, INS Programme Manager at Sonardyne will be presenting a paper in the "Sensors II" section of the conference in collaboration with Captain Tim White from Oceaneering International titled "Reliable operational use of Acoustically Aided INS for DP in the Gulf of Mexico." Commenting on the event, James said, “The conference is a prestigious event in the DP industry so to be accepted to present alongside Oceaneering International is fantastic recognition.