aid in

aid (someone) in (something)

To assist someone in completing an action or activity. It was nice of Julie to aid me in cleaning my house before the party. Jim aided his son in changing the flat tire on the car.
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aid someone in something

to help someone in some kind of trouble. Will you aid me in this difficulty?
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Physiologically, the vestibular system senses the rotation; however, eyesight can aid in the rotation estimate by observing the motion of visual cues.
He further said that Pakistan would have to rid itself of foreign aid in order to bring an end to drone attacks.
Suggestion: To see the process in action, and as an aid in understanding the steps, create two Excel files (called workbooks)--SubsidiaryA and Consolidating, as shown in exhibit 1, below Then change the name of the worksheet (or page name within the workbook) from "Sheet/" to "Budget" in both workbooks.
These cuts took the form of both direct cuts, as well as a set of so-called "reforms," which substituted financial aid in the form of loans, rather than the much-preferred and much-needed needs-based grants.
Fiber will help you feel full and aid in weight loss if that's a goal.
At Legal Aid in Medan, Indonesia's second largest city, he began documenting human rights abuses, and he defended GAM fighters when they were brought to court.
Libraries do aid in the furtherance of the American values of democracy, education, etc., but the culture of all civilizations should be our province, especially in this time of global awareness and diversity.
During World War I, the Census Bureau provided the Justice Department with names and addresses of conscription-age young men to aid in the apprehension of draft dodgers.