aid in

aid (someone) in (something)

To assist someone in completing an action or activity. It was nice of Julie to aid me in cleaning my house before the party. Jim aided his son in changing the flat tire on the car.
See also: aid

aid someone in something

to help someone in some kind of trouble. Will you aid me in this difficulty?
See also: aid
References in classic literature ?
A well-developed tail having been formed in an aquatic animal, it might subsequently come to be worked in for all sorts of purposes, as a fly-flapper, an organ of prehension, or as an aid in turning, as with the dog, though the aid must be slight, for the hare, with hardly any tail, can double quickly enough.
Then recollecting the importance of securing the fugitive, he dashed aside the surrounding bushes, and pressed eagerly forward to lend his aid in the chase.
The ground fliers of Marentina contain just sufficient buoyancy in their automobile-like wheels to give the cars traction for steering purposes; and though the hind wheels are geared to the engine, and aid in driving the machine, the bulk of this work is carried by a small propeller at the stern.
To these, who knew him well, Mr Haredale addressed himself, briefly narrating what had happened, and beseeching them to aid in conveying the criminal to London before the dawn of day.
The rioters, in their passage through the village, had menaced with their fiercest vengeance, any person who should aid in extinguishing the fire, or render the least assistance to him, or any Catholic whomsoever.
Physiologically, the vestibular system senses the rotation; however, eyesight can aid in the rotation estimate by observing the motion of visual cues.
Suggestion: To see the process in action, and as an aid in understanding the steps, create two Excel files (called workbooks)--SubsidiaryA and Consolidating, as shown in exhibit 1, below Then change the name of the worksheet (or page name within the workbook) from "Sheet/" to "Budget" in both workbooks.
During World War I, the Census Bureau provided the Justice Department with names and addresses of conscription-age young men to aid in the apprehension of draft dodgers.
We are pleased to do what we can to aid in the enormous task of rebuilding this region of the country.
But here are some facts about FAFSA and college financial aid in general that might change your thinking.
On the war on terrorism, the administration has requested our aid in preventing future terrorist attacks by reporting suspicious behavior that could be construed as detrimental to our country's safety.
Companies need to focus on achieving milestones during the reimbursement process to aid in effectively positioning themselves for optimal market launch, and for clearly defining and providing management with a more realistic and credible idea of the value of their technology.
I feel that Sharon should be made cognizant of the following: The United States taxpayers have given, through our ``numb-skulled'' Congress, more than $100 billion in aid in the past 22 years to Israel .
Peter Basso, Founder and President of Peter Basso Associates, a full service engineering firm; John Stoner, Director of Physical Plant Services for Bloomfield Hills Schools, and Kenneth Reynolds, Chief Engineer of Mechanical Systems and Plant Operations at the Highland Lakes campus of Oakland Community College, will share their experiences and advocate the value of a well thought-out and applied commissioning program to aid in the sustainable design and construction of a building that possesses the lowest life-cycle cost of ownership.
Immigration and Naturalization Service will station a full-time agent at the Ventura County Jail for the next six months to help aid in the early detection-deportation of criminal aliens in Ventura County, Rep.