ahead of time

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ahead of (one's)/its time

More advanced or innovative than is or was typical in a particular era. That 19th-century scientist was definitely ahead of his time with his detailed plan of space travel. I can't believe that movie is from the 1950s—it's so progressive and way ahead of its time.
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ahead of (someone's or something's) time

More innovative than can be properly appreciated during the time that someone or something is producing such innovation. He was really ahead of his time with this music—critics in the 1970s just couldn't see it. That show was really ahead of its time tackling issues like that.
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ahead of time

Earlier than a given deadline. If we get to the theater ahead of time, we'll have our pick of good seats. My term paper isn't due until next week, but I finished it ahead of time.
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*ahead of one's time

Fig. having ideas or attitudes that are too advanced to be acceptable in the present. (*Typically: be ~; think ~.) Sue's grandmother was ahead of her time in wanting to study medicine.
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*ahead of time

beforehand; before the announced time. (*Typically: arrive ~; get there ~; leave ~; show up ~.) If you show up ahead of time, you will have to wait. Be there ahead of time if you want to get a good seat.
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ahead of time

Earlier, sooner, as in The meeting was scheduled for three o'clock, but most people arrived ahead of time. [Early 1900s]
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ahead of/behind ˈtime

early/late: He arrived ahead of time, and had to wait.The trains are running behind time again today.
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So it would be nice, Bernthal said, to be able to tell patients ahead of time which surgery they are going to get.
To see if there is a screening of Ahead of Time near you (hint: It helps if you live in New York or L.A.), check here.
Today's nationwide guidance encourages doctors to discuss plans with patients and their families ahead of time, particularly for people who are not expected to live beyond another year.
In one case, to the teacher was warned ahead of time by someone from the Education Ministry.
The principal told her to include this line in her statement: "I realize that, had I asked ahead of time, I would not have been allowed to say what I did."
official said Friday he was unhappy with a British decision to open low-level contact with Hezbollah and suggested London only indirectly informed the new administration ahead of time.
Malone is believed to be the owner of the web site www.binladensplan.com, where he says he predicted the September 11, 2001, attacks two years ahead of time.
"Eighteen hospitals will expect to achieve that 18-week target one year ahead of time by the end of this year.
Nearly all (97%) of the 2,000 survey respondents said they would donate a family member's organs if they knew the person's wishes ahead of time.
The data that was filed using the new XBRL process was much cleaner, free of mathematical errors and, in some cases, received weeks ahead of time in comparison to prior filings."
"You couldn't get a hotel in this city for the last year and a half if you didn't book ahead of time," he says.
"I have found that being 'publisher' is one of those things that is easy to think about ahead of time but difficult to do every day.
Boeing has enough orders to continue building the plane through 2008, but some of the parts must be ordered months ahead of time. It has been unable to secure new orders for the plane from the Department of Defense.