ahead of (someone's or something's) time

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ahead of (someone's or something's) time

More innovative than can be properly appreciated during the time that someone or something is producing such innovation. He was really ahead of his time with this music—critics in the 1970s just couldn't see it. That show was really ahead of its time tackling issues like that.
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ahead of time

Earlier than a given deadline. If we get to the theater ahead of time, we'll have our pick of good seats. My term paper isn't due until next week, but I finished it ahead of time.
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*ahead of one's time

Fig. having ideas or attitudes that are too advanced to be acceptable in the present. (*Typically: be ~; think ~.) Sue's grandmother was ahead of her time in wanting to study medicine.
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*ahead of time

beforehand; before the announced time. (*Typically: arrive ~; get there ~; leave ~; show up ~.) If you show up ahead of time, you will have to wait. Be there ahead of time if you want to get a good seat.
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ahead of time

Earlier, sooner, as in The meeting was scheduled for three o'clock, but most people arrived ahead of time. [Early 1900s]
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ahead of your/its time

COMMON If someone or something is ahead of their time, they have or show ideas that are so modern that most people have not accepted them yet. My mother was ahead of her time. She surrounded me with culture and art. The idea was too far ahead of its time, and had attracted some amusement locally. Note: You can also say that someone or something is before their time. His only mistake, he insists, is that he was 20 years before his time.
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ahead of your (or its) time

innovative and radical by the standards of the time.
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Ahead of her time in yesteryear; Geraldyne Pierce Zimmerman comes of age in a Southern African American family.
"What I respect about Christine is that she is so much of her own period and yet so ahead of her time, sometimes even of our time," says Louryk.
Emma was a woman ahead of her time and entertained ideas our loftiest leaders often don't understand.
Like many geniuses, pianist Mary Lou Williams was ahead of her time. Born Mary Elfrieda Scruggs in 1910, she demonstrated her musical gift as a child by mimicking tunes her mother played on the organ--note for note.
Love includes all the real, often petty resentments that must be swept aside in its name, as Kenneth Fearing so aptly illustrates in "Love 20 Cents the First Quarter Mile." In some poems, the pure beauty of the line adds profundity to expressions of love, as in Neruda's "I Do Not Love You": "I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,/ in secret, between the shadow and the soul." The illicit nature of some love relationships is revealed in Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's "Between Your Sheets," a yearning by an 18th-century woman ahead of her time. Tragedy, of course, is inherent in many love matches, so evident here in the facing poems of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, both describing the transformational quality of love.
"Far ahead of her time, Penny focused her efforts as Chairman of FEI on the code of ethical conduct, revising and strengthening it," said FEI President Phil Livingston.
Since her fellow workers seldom used the center because they had family or mothers at home to take care of their children, Oliva's struggle was that of a woman ahead of her time.
Cathy was ahead of her time and should no doubt be in the Hall of Fame.
In many ways, of course, she was well ahead of her time, though that doesn't prevent her creations from looking somewhat dated now.
And she was, according to Youshkevitch, "ahead of her time as a woman choreographer.