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*ahead (of someone or something)

farther forward than someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; keep ~; remain ~; stay ~.) I managed to get ahead of everyone else in line and get tickets for everyone. Try to stay ahead of that big truck we just passed.
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A wide array of services is provided by Ahead Tuiiton.
It is used by traveler-focused businesses to monitor and stay ahead of the trends from a particular origin market at a specific time.
Emma Wright, Pay Ahead Stay Ahead programme manager, said: "Their biggest financial concern is being able to move between jobs - or from benefits to a job - without getting into financial worries.
At the start of the global financial crisis, they were AUD30bn ahead and are now AUD160bn ahead.
BJP has won or leading in 30 seats in East Delhi Corporation, which has 64 wards, while Congress is ahead in 11 seats.
His comments in the Commons came after Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery asked the Minister to guarantee the project would go ahead in its entirety.
Meanwhile, Imperial Tobacco shares were ahead by more than 1%, as the Bristol-based firm prepared to ask shareholders for approval of its pounds 11 billion acquisition of Spain's Altadis.
Looking ahead, the challenge is whether and how much the VA will pay for long-term care in each of the three nursing home settings.
At this time, the pattern shop riggers were slightly ahead of the game.
The new $50 notes will be safer, smarter, and a more secure currency: safer because they will be harder to fake and easier to check; smarter to stay ahead of tech-savvy counterfeiters; and more secure to protect the integrity of U.
YEAR AHEAD Your many achievements are about to be spotlighted
go ahead go ahead go ahead and laugh, I just dare you.
You glance up as your car slows down to avoid a tractor-trailer up ahead, then go back to reading while your car automatically changes lanes and leaves the other driver in the dust.
3 Outside release; get even with, not ahead of, defender.