run aground

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run aground (on something)

[for a ship] to ram its hull into something beneath the water and get stuck. The ship ran aground on a reef and had to wait for high tide to get free. I was afraid we would run aground in the storm.
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Junior Grade Donna Liza Ramacho on Tuesday disclosed that the fastcraft remains aground on the reefs in Cangalwang, Barangay Tongo in Siquijor, Siquijor.
The "Pride of Kent" of P&O Ferries tried to leave the Calais harbour bound for Dover, Britain around midday, but ran aground in the harbour, probably on a sand bank, the prefecture said.
Shortly after 3am on Sunday the UK Coastguard received reports that the cargo vessel Islay Trader had dragged anchor and run aground near Margate Harbour between 30m and 50m from shore.
BEIRUT: Tugboats Monday failed to refloat a container ship that ran aground off the coast of Sidon Sunday in heavy winds.
The oil tanker MT Obama also ran aground in Gasan town in Marinduque province.
December 16, 1979: The battered 400-ton coaster Ganton lay stranded, having run aground on rocks near St Mary's Island, Whitley Bay.
Authorities in Papua New Guinea's East New Britain region fear a vessel that ran aground a month ago might be leaking oil.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A dry cargo ship ran aground in the Bosporus when its rudder was locked on Tuesday evening.
THE huge ship that ran aground with its PS30million cargo of luxury cars was towed back into port last night.
1993: Oil tanker runs aground off Shetland A tanker carrying 85,000 tonnes of crude oil has run aground in hurricane-force winds off the Shetland Islands.
A CRUISE liner that ran aground in northern Norway a few months ago has done it again, in sight of the pier where it was to be moored.
Jerome Sambalis of Madagascar's port authority said specialist teams are being flown to the Indian Ocean island after the Bahamian-flagged ship Tromso ran aground last Thursday.
RULES against fatigue had been "circumvented" and records "falsified" on a ship which ran aground off Northumberland, a report has revealed.
Summary: Morocco launches operation to empty oil tanker that ran aground during storm near southern port of Tan Tan with 5,000 tonnes of fuel on board.
A CARGO ship ran aground off Scotland after the lookout fell asleep, a probe found.