run aground

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run aground (on something)

[for a ship] to ram its hull into something beneath the water and get stuck. The ship ran aground on a reef and had to wait for high tide to get free. I was afraid we would run aground in the storm.
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But here I had like to have suffered a second shipwreck, which, if I had, I think verily would have broken my heart; for, knowing nothing of the coast, my raft ran aground at one end of it upon a shoal, and not being aground at the other end, it wanted but a little that all my cargo had slipped off towards the end that was afloat, and to fallen into the water.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A dry cargo ship ran aground in the Bosporus when its rudder was locked on Tuesday evening.
The Lysblink Seaways ran aground at Kilchoan in Ardnamurchan in the early hours of February 18 while heading from Belfast to Norway.
The delegation is visiting the country for a commemoration ceremony at Nasilai village where the ship, Syria ran aground in 1884.
THE crew of a luxury yacht were left high and dry after they ran aground on a notorious rock.
AN operation was launched yesterday to free a container ship with nine people on board which ran aground off the west coast of Scotland.
THE huge ship that ran aground with its PS30million cargo of luxury cars was towed back into port last night.
Millions of pounds-worth of plant machinery destined for the Middle East was aboard a car transporter which ran aground shortly after leaving its UK port on Saturday (January 3).
NNA - The crew of a huge transport ship that ran aground off the southern coast of England have now almost all been airlifted to safety, the British coastguard said Sunday.
7 million gallons of palm oil ran aground off southern Thailand after being hijacked and then recaptured by authorities, officials said Friday, prompting fears of a leakage.
A CRUISE liner that ran aground in northern Norway a few months ago has done it again, in sight of the pier where it was to be moored.
It showed the collier Duncansby Head which had run aground at the Groyne on April 19, 1976.
Jerome Sambalis of Madagascar's port authority said specialist teams are being flown to the Indian Ocean island after the Bahamian-flagged ship Tromso ran aground last Thursday.
RULES against fatigue had been "circumvented" and records "falsified" on a ship which ran aground off Northumberland, a report has revealed.
Though the ship put out a distress call, the weather prevented several tugs from stopping the ship from running aground.