agree with

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agree with

1. To share the same opinion as another person or group. I agree with the way management is trying to address the problem of employee tardiness. I don't agree with your methods of disciplining your children—I think they're much too harsh.
2. To have no ill effects on someone. (Usually used in the negative in reference to food that has made one ill.) I feel so nauseous right now—I guess that burger I ate for lunch just didn't agree with me.
3. To be in accordance with something else. The scientist's findings agree with the study published by the government's health organization. Can you tally these again? The numbers just don't agree with what's written here.
4. To make one happy; to suit one's personality well. Look at how happy she is! Being on stage certainly agrees with her.
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agree with someone

1. Lit. to hold the same opinion or judgment as someone else. I simply do not agree with you!
2. Fig. [for something] to be acceptable to someone as food. (Usually negative, referring to the disagreeable consequences of eating bad food.) Onions do not agree with me.
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agree with something

1. Fig. [for something] to look good or go well with something else. This dress does not agree with these shoes, does it?
2. Fig. [for something] to be in accord with something else. Your analysis agrees with mine.
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agree with

1. To be in accord with someone or something: I agree with Mary that we should sell the car. Since we agree with each other, the matter is settled.
2. To be well suited to someone: The excitement of the big city certainly agrees with you!
3. To approve of something: The protesters don't agree with capital punishment.
4. To be easily digestible. Used in the negative: I didn't eat the crab cakes, since shellfish don't agree with me.
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6 : to be fitting or healthful <The climate agrees with you.
Speculation also abounds that the City Council and City Attorney James Hahn will agree to a consent decree issued by Lee's agency, but has anyone stopped to think about implications and consequences if the city agrees with the feds?
PK), majority owner of The Royal Arkansas Hotel & Suites, announced today that it agrees with the courts decision to appoint a receiver for its majority stake in The Royal Arkansas Hotel & Suites in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
TEI agrees with the remaining general recommendations of the Committee that --
TEI agrees with these recommendations generally, but in respect of "permanent establishment" issues raised by the presence of, or activity conducted through, file servers, we refer you to our comments on recommendation 12.
TEI agrees with this recommendation because it will help maintain tax neutrality in respect of similar transactions.
If the five-employee test is retained, TEI agrees with recommendation 35 that the requirement be phased in for start-up situations.
Although TEI agrees with the premise that all intangibles and services provided to Canadian residents for use in Canada should likely be subject to GST, the recommendation will be very difficult to enforce in practice.
When Rabih agrees with the terms of the fund raising plans, a new closing date will be mutually agreed for the payment of the purchase price based, in part, on the time required to receive any necessary approvals of the PEI corporate restructuring by the Nova Scotia Business Inc.