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There is generally no milestone date provided for final completion in AIA Form Agreements.
AIA Form Agreements provide for a mutual waiver of consequential damages.
Based on these facts, the IRS concluded that the cumulative effects of the VPFs, pledge agreements and share-lending agreements resulted in a common law sale of the pledged shares when the counterparty borrowed the shares.
In addition, some of the agreements attempt to broaden the professional responsibilities of the CPA firm, primarily in the area of fraud detection (see "Scope of Audit" in Example 1).
17 to reach an accord before Judge Allan Gropper was to have ruled on Northwest's request to cancel its labor agreements but were given an extension through March 1.
The court, by rejecting precedent, made it more important that these agreements meet all the requirements and not just the one involving enforceability.
Distribution agreements usually have a fixed term of one to three years.
It sounds simple enough and some agreements are as simple as someone coming in once in a while to update the system or monitor how it is running.
Changing the time at which the disclosure of merger and acquisition (M&A) agreements must be permitted by eliminating the "earlier of three events" rule of Treas.
Through arbitration agreements, parties present their case to a neutral third party empowered to render a decision, instead of to a judge, jury or administrative agency.
Congress is divided on the scope and purpose of trade agreements, and the American public is deeply ambivalent about trade liberalization.
Thus, the Palestinian delegates have been given an independent and international legal personality for the purpose of these negotiations and agreements.
End-user agreements with the Department of State and NAMSA will greatly improve the F/A-18 FMS communities stature during possible multi-national operations.
Air pollution never respects international boundaries, but in recent months a spate of meetings and months a spate of meetings and agreements has shown international governments to be more willing than ever to try to limit the amount of their air pollution that drifts into other countries.
The Federal Reserve Board on April 30, 2004, announced the execution of a written agreement by and among Cache Valley Banking Company, Logan, Utah; the Cache Valley Bank, Logan, Utah; the Utah State Department of Financial Institutions, Salt Lake City, Utah; and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
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