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agree with (someone or something)

1. To share the same opinion as another person or group. I agree with the way management is trying to address the problem of employee tardiness. I don't agree with your methods of disciplining your children—I think they're much too harsh. I see your point, but the thing is, if we agree to increase spending for education, then all sorts of other public utilities will go underfunded as a result.
2. To have no ill effects on someone. (Usually used in the negative in reference to food that has made one ill.) I feel so nauseous right now—I guess that burger I ate for lunch just didn't agree with me. Dairy just doesn't agree with me, so I try to steer clear of it. No, she's still in the bathroom—I guess the dinner didn't agree with her.
3. To be in accordance with something else. The scientist's findings agree with the study published by the government's health organization. Can you tally these again? The numbers just don't agree with what's written here. Look at this—their order slip does not agree with what we actually sent them.
4. To make one happy; to suit one's personality well. Look at how happy she is! Being on stage certainly agrees with her. No, I'm not a nurse anymore—the constant stress of the job just did not agree with me. This warm weather definitely agrees with me. I can practically feel my mood lifting!
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agree with someone

1. Lit. to hold the same opinion or judgment as someone else. I simply do not agree with you!
2. Fig. [for something] to be acceptable to someone as food. (Usually negative, referring to the disagreeable consequences of eating bad food.) Onions do not agree with me.
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agree with something

1. Fig. [for something] to look good or go well with something else. This dress does not agree with these shoes, does it?
2. Fig. [for something] to be in accord with something else. Your analysis agrees with mine.
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agree with

1. To be in accord with someone or something: I agree with Mary that we should sell the car. Since we agree with each other, the matter is settled.
2. To be well suited to someone: The excitement of the big city certainly agrees with you!
3. To approve of something: The protesters don't agree with capital punishment.
4. To be easily digestible. Used in the negative: I didn't eat the crab cakes, since shellfish don't agree with me.
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The nationwide survey conducted from March 23 to March 27 among 1,200 respondents found 37 percent agreeing with the federal system of government (consisting of 14 percent who strongly agree and 23 percent who somewhat agree), and 29 percent disagreeing with it (consisting of 12 percent who somewhat disagree and 17 percent who strongly disagree).
Architect Der Scutt, while agreeing with the general concept that maintains "sky exposure planes," which were created in a late 1970s' zoning response to the combined development of his Trump Tower, the nearby Philip Johnson designed "Chippendale" topped tower for then AT&T, and the former IBM tower, said "There are many streets which have a height and a massing character where the sky exposure and the Waldram diagram respects and protects adjacent buildings, and this is good.
Just because one opposes censorship, one need not be seen as agreeing with pornographers .
The results were similar according to the seniority of the doctor, with 86% of hospital consultants agreeing with the statement compared to 84% of junior doctors.