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In Mindanao, 49 percent agreed and 34 percent disagreed with a divorce law.
When asked if officials spoke respectfully, 17pc strongly disagreed, 9pc somewhat disagreed, 17pc were neutral, 19pc somewhat agreed and 38pc strongly agreed.
The Lock-up Agreement is on customary terms and sets out the key terms on which the Group and the Noteholders agree that the Agreed Transaction will be implemented, as well as the key terms of the Agreed Transaction itself.
7% NGO workers were agreed that teacher could take up leading role in community development whereas 23.
66% (n=143) housewives agreed to the option that they want to speak English to socialize.
Among GPs, 67% agreed there are variations and certain doctors they would not want to treat friends and family (50% agreed and a further 17% strongly agreed) while 6% disagreed (including 1% who strongly disagreed).
7%) also agreed that 'people are prejudiced towards people with mental illness' ([chi square]=17.
25) KPMG, however, has agreed to higher standards on returns it prepares.
13) In a settlement with opt-in class members, Payless agreed to pay class members various amounts to settle their claims.
The IDA Board also agreed to help the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science Inc.
The workshop participants agreed that (Q)SARs are one of the alternative methods to animal testing, and therefore, these generic criteria can and should be further refined specifically for (Q)SARs.
Fifty-seven percent said they either strongly or mildly agreed with the statement, "People should be allowed to say things in public that might be offensive to religious groups.
that you and your customer have agreed upon for the next year, as well as your price for these services.
7% agreed/strongly agreed that "Taking dietary supplements is a safe way for athletes to improve sports performance".
Ganton Technologies, an aluminum and magnesium diecasting and machining firm in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, agreed to purchase Diemakers, Inc.