agree with

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agree with

1. To share the same opinion as another person or group. I agree with the way management is trying to address the problem of employee tardiness. I don't agree with your methods of disciplining your children—I think they're much too harsh.
2. To have no ill effects on someone. (Usually used in the negative in reference to food that has made one ill.) I feel so nauseous right now—I guess that burger I ate for lunch just didn't agree with me.
3. To be in accordance with something else. The scientist's findings agree with the study published by the government's health organization. Can you tally these again? The numbers just don't agree with what's written here.
4. To make one happy; to suit one's personality well. Look at how happy she is! Being on stage certainly agrees with her.
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agree with someone

1. Lit. to hold the same opinion or judgment as someone else. I simply do not agree with you!
2. Fig. [for something] to be acceptable to someone as food. (Usually negative, referring to the disagreeable consequences of eating bad food.) Onions do not agree with me.
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agree with something

1. Fig. [for something] to look good or go well with something else. This dress does not agree with these shoes, does it?
2. Fig. [for something] to be in accord with something else. Your analysis agrees with mine.
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agree with

1. To be in accord with someone or something: I agree with Mary that we should sell the car. Since we agree with each other, the matter is settled.
2. To be well suited to someone: The excitement of the big city certainly agrees with you!
3. To approve of something: The protesters don't agree with capital punishment.
4. To be easily digestible. Used in the negative: I didn't eat the crab cakes, since shellfish don't agree with me.
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Statement: The teachers, and especially the class--master are always ready to listen to my problems which are not directly connected with school 35,7% of the testees agree with the statement (only 8,2% are very agreeable with the statement), while 64,3%consider that the teachers are not always ready to listen to their problems which are not directly in connection with school (even 36,2% don't generally agree with the statement, fig.
Generalizable conclusions are limited by the sample and scope of our study, but our results do have the strength of a randomized trial, and they tend to agree with the results of other studies.
27) The Monitor is also empowered to recommend changes, and KPMG agreed to "adopt all recommendations submitted by the Monitor" unless the federal prosecutors in New York agree with the firm's objections.
Now all three leaders also agree with their party platforms and agree with each other.
He showed me that reality cannot be changed unless you agree with it.
This begs the question: did the court truly agree with the class's position, or did it merely grant the motion because the government failed to question it?
Fifty-two percent strongly agree with the government posting the Ten Commandments in public buildings; 18 percent mildly agree.
Directions: Mark each situation with an "A" if you agree with the school counselor's action, or with a "D" if you disagree with the school counselor's action.
Normally, expert appraisers are hired by tax advisers to value the stock; sometimes, if the IRS does not agree with the value reported on the return, litigation ensues.
Is the Justice Department going to absorb our costs if we agree with their unproved allegations?
Sixty-seven percent of all athletes agreed/strongly agreed with the statement "I would use dietary supplements that I know work" and 76% of all athletes agreed or strongly agree with a statement "I would use dietary supplements that I know were tested and safe".
It would be advisable for the broker, therefore, to agree with the bartering from that no barter transaction will be executed unless a commission is agreed upon.
The company awaits the decision of the receiver's feasibility study within the next 30 days as it is the believe of the company that He/She will agree or may not agree with the company's decision to cease operations as the loses were beyond compare, the hotel was depended on the convention centers sales and their ability to bring business to Pine Bluff, and in my opinion it was lackluster at best.
Students were more likely to agree or strongly agree with survey statements in courses in which instructors reported incorporating a large number of best practices, Student perceptions were more positive when instructors spent class time introducing students to the service ethic, had frequent class discussions that meaningfully connected course content with the service being performed, provided numerous opportunities for student reflection about the service-learning experience, required that students complete at least ten hours of service, and communicated regularly with the community service agencies.
Response #7: I agree with the previous comments that the most expedient way of handling rollover issues is to compute the rollover adjustments and give them to the IRS at the beginning of the audit for incorporation into the RAR.