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12 ( ANI ): Senior advocate and Congress leader Salman Khurshid on Friday expressed his "sadness" on the statements made by the four Supreme Court judges and said he could feel their agony that compelled them to address the media.
And a month on she is still in agony and may need more surgery.
It's going to be based on material from my first book Unfinished Agony, Paul Sykes' original award-winning autobiography Sweet Agony, and my next book Further Agony.
WHEN your mother's a famous agony aunt taking up a profession that's wildly different must be high on the agenda - so becoming a food reviewer with a sideline in jazz has established Jay Rayner as, not only an entertainer, but an expert in his own right.
the TV nation was first introduced to Maureen Lipman in the sitcom Agony.
Sunderland-born Denise Robertson is perhaps best known as the resident agony aunt on the ITV show This Morning, appearing since its first ever broadcast on October 3, 1988 - but the writer and broadcaster's credentials go back even further.
com 0800 952 2263 In December, Billy Robertson, of Kinning Park, Glasgow, told us how he waited in a chair in agony for four hours at the Southern General's A&E unit.
However she admitted to a disastrous attempt at teeth whitening which left her in agony.
It added that Jbouri is personally following up the agony of Sinjar displaced people and working with all sectors to end such crisis.
has been in agony this week after the cruciate ligament in his knee snapped.
My Kingdom Music has declared, Today it is with great pride that we announce the signing of the next Italian big thing in the death metal scene: Agony Face
DDIIEEDD 22 HHOOUURRSS AAFFTTEERR BBEEIINNGG RREEFFUUSSEEDD AANN AAMMBBUULLAANNCCEE A RETIRED nurse died in agony two hours after an NHS call centre nurse decided she didn't need an ambulance and told her to wait for her GP.
If Bridger had pins stuck in him there is a strong possibility that the agony experienced would soon loosen his tongue.
THE agony of a Huddersfield family has been laid bare today.
Swans Dutch keeper Vorm will be out for six weeks after tearing a groin muscle trying to prevent the goal and Richards will have a scan today after collapsing in agony with a knee injury.