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pile on the agony

To exaggerate one's pain, difficulties, or problems in order to get more sympathy from others. Primarily heard in UK. My wife's been piling on the agony about her sore back so that I'll do more of the work around the house this weekend. Did you hear Tom? He was really piling on the agony to the boss to try and get this Friday off work.
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prolong the agony

If someone or something prolongs the agony, they make an unpleasant situation last longer than it needs to. The job just wasn't working out so, rather than prolong the agony, I felt it was better to go.
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pile on the agony

exaggerate or aggravate a bad situation. informal
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prolong the agony

cause a difficult or unpleasant situation to last longer than necessary.
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pile on the ˈagony/ˈgloom

(informal, especially British English)
1 make something unpleasant sound much worse than it really is in order to gain sympathy from other people: He always piles on the agony when he has a cold; you’d think he was dying.
2 make somebody feel even worse about an unpleasant situation: The latest fare increase just piles on the gloom for rail passengers, who already feel they are paying too much.
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proˌlong the ˈagony

make an unpleasant situation last longer than is necessary: Don’t prolong the agony. Just say yes or no, and then I’ll know where I stand. OPPOSITE: put somebody/something out of their/its misery
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References in classic literature ?
Heyward felt the grasp of the other at his throat, and saw the grim smile the savage gave, under the revengeful hope that he hurried his enemy to a fate similar to his own, as he felt his body slowly yielding to a resistless power, and the young man experienced the passing agony of such a moment in all its horrors.
And thus he would die -- out in the cold world, with no shelter over his homeless head, no friendly hand to wipe the death-damps from his brow, no loving face to bend pityingly over him when the great agony came.
Marianne was in a silent agony, too much oppressed even for tears; but as Mrs.
I cannot look on so fair a face while it is disturbed with agony, or on those eyes when they are drowned in tears.
A horrid turmoil of mind and body; bursting sobs; broken, vanishing thoughts, now of indignation, now of remorse; broken elementary whiffs of consciousness, of the smell of the horse-hair on the chair bottom, of the jangling of church bells that now began to make day horrible throughout the confines of the city, of the hard floor that bruised his knees, of the taste of tears that found their way into his mouth: for a period of time, the duration of which I cannot guess, while I refuse to dwell longer on its agony, these were the whole of God's world for John Nicholson.
The Scene of Suffering is a destructive or painful action, such as death on the stage, bodily agony, wounds and the like.
Overpowered with agitation, the poisoner succeeded in groping her way to the door, and reached her room in an agony of fear.
Yet if only you could have seen my agony when I heard the news
I have often thought so when, in foreign countries, where the fields and woods have looked to me like our English Loamshire--the rich land tilled with just as much care, the woods rolling down the gentle slopes to the green meadows--I have come on sormething by the roadside which has reminded me that I am not in Loamshire: an image of a great agony--the agony of the Cross.
The agony of suspense grew at length intolerable, and I cautiously moved forward, with my arms extended, and my eyes straining from their sockets, in the hope of catching some faint ray of light.
In terror she spoke; letting sink her Wings till they trailed in the dust -- In agony sobbed, letting sink her Plumes till they trailed in the dust -- Till they sorrowfully trailed in the dust.
He felt his head emerge; his eyes were blinded by the sunlight; his chest expanded convulsively, and with a supreme and crowning agony his lungs engulfed a great draught of air, which instantly he expelled in a shriek!
The lioness, with a frightful howl of agony, rolled down the steps, overturning Joe in her fall.
Then, these men, already choked with horror at the sight of what had been accomplished, filled with terror at thought of what was about to be accomplished, gave out a simultaneous shriek of agony.
Yet through all the agony of that fearful punishment the thag still stood motionless pinning down his adversary, and then the man leaped in, seeing that the blind bull would be the least formidable enemy, and ran his spear through the tarag's heart.