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agonize (oneself) over

To worry excessively, especially about a decision or past action. Please stop agonizing yourself over this decision. It won't really matter which one you choose. There's no need to agonize over what you said to him. He probably doesn't even remember.
See also: agonize, over

agonize (oneself) over someone or something

to fret or anguish about someone or something. Now, now, don't agonize yourself over the situation. Time cures all.
See also: agonize, over
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As the process continues, her exertion is documented by audible groans, and the action becomes agonizingly slow.
Don't let that one careless step drag you agonizingly into trouble -- the unanticipated bank covenant breach, the unnecessary walkout, the preventable litigation, the unwatched quality deterioration.
Perhaps most sickening was the discovery that poorly performing dogs are hung low so they experience the agonizingly slow, "piano player" death, named after the way their legs frantically scramble in a vain attempt to touch the ground.
When the DVD version of ``Failure To Launch'' finally launches, can one of the director's cuts be to cut out that agonizingly awkward moment when Terry Bradshaw strolls around in his birthday suit while pondering the mysteries of life with Matthew McConaughey?
An idea so keenly couched, a painting so agonizingly poised: it is easy to feel rebuked by Kiefer's strength of purpose.
Even casual computer users can suffer agonizingly slow speeds, all because the memory isn't as fast as the processor inside.
The rest of the world was blanked out to me,'' Norma Trippeda said, recalling the agonizingly long seconds her daughter was in the game.
Whereas her early scrolls were often agonizingly fixated on detail, this one is radiant: downright voluptuous in its imprinted textures, effortless and open in the handling of rhythms and intervals.
Content as rich and deep as Road Runner's would be agonizingly slow to access through traditional 14.
It appears likely that Hochevar will stay out of school so negotiations with the Dodgers, which have been agonizingly slow-placed thus far, can continue.
Over There'' follows the agonizingly intense encounters an Army unit has with the enemy - and, sometimes, with other American units.