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agonize (oneself) over

To worry excessively, especially about a decision or past action. Please stop agonizing yourself over this decision. It won't really matter which one you choose. There's no need to agonize over what you said to him. He probably doesn't even remember.
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agonize (oneself) over someone or something

to fret or anguish about someone or something. Now, now, don't agonize yourself over the situation. Time cures all.
See also: agonize, over
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The best way to sell a service is to enable consumers to use it quickly and easily, without the need to read manuals or wade through agonizing configurations.
The stories of ordinary Chinese women who contacted Xinran's call-in radio show are agonizing.
Through its composite applications platform, Above All alleviates the agonizing task of integrating actual systems and data, ultimately making integration projects as they exist today obsolete," said Lynn Crofton, Vice President of Sales of Above All Software.
Santos' friend Nina Haynes said the last six months have been agonizing for the dead woman's family, as they waited for a break in the case.
Each version is captivating, yet the unabridged edition is sometimes weighed down with minutia in the depiction of each agonizing step.
Slammed by an agonizing blow to the lower part of his left leg, Wilhelm's buddies from the Fighting Eagles of the Eighth Infantry quickly applied a tourniquet to his grievously damaged limb and Wilhelm was flown by Black Hawk helicopter to an army field hospital as have so many other modern battle casualties.
A young Hispanic man had been on life support systems in an ICU room not far from Edna's, and the doctors wanted Edna waiting nearby, just in case the boy's parents made the agonizing decision not to keep their son alive artificially.
Each version is captivating, yet the unabridged edition is sometimes weighed down with minutia in the depiction of each agonizing step, to the point where inattentive listeners may lose the thread of thought from beginning to end of a segment.
The film presents a tortured, agonizing journey to that eventuality.
The last two years have been one of the most agonizing, contentious, and fast-moving periods in modern American history.
And that somebody would want to inflict so much pain on me is an agonizing thought.
The neighborhood is just as bewildered, because Katz's training of Devon is slow and agonizing.
Breast cancer for a young woman who wants to have children is one of the most agonizing situations in oncology.