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agonize (oneself) over

To worry excessively, especially about a decision or past action. Please stop agonizing yourself over this decision. It won't really matter which one you choose. There's no need to agonize over what you said to him. He probably doesn't even remember.
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agonize (oneself) over someone or something

to fret or anguish about someone or something. Now, now, don't agonize yourself over the situation. Time cures all.
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The answers varied, but in general they reflect the fact that few groups have a rigid formal policy, and nearly all have agonized over the same questions.
Faced with such deft deployment of indeterminacy, one wonders whether something more than a blind spot for bathos led Irvine to film four of the gallery's employees sitting together in a bare room while reciting more agonized journal fragments, as if they were the stranded exploration team.
Denaker's fully voiced performance is outstanding as she voices the agonized Charlotte, the compliant Willow, the fanatic Spencer, the sonorous John, the strong grandmother Nan, the flirtatious Catherine and the sensitive Sarah as they change and accept the tragedy.
Dominique Blanc mysteriously copped a Cesar award for Best Supporting Actress, but the real diva turn belongs to the turbulent Bruni-Tedeschi, whose angular face and agonized gestures suggest Carmen Maura standing in for one of Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.
Predictably the fallout from Pope Paul's agonized decision could be described as extraordinary.
Oh No (all works 2000) is built up around shots of a young woman's face as she variously grunts, moans, shrieks, or murmurs the phrase that gives the work its title, intercut with views of (presumably her own) bare legs and feet as she walks on the necks and bodies of a series of electric guitars lying on the floor and with close-ups of the instruments themselves--all accompanied by the agonized sounds of scru nching guitar strings.
Still, Poirier agonized over including '70s archival footage that backed up gay men's picture of lesbians as humorless harpies.
These two choreographers of the old Martha Graham school offered one lackluster premiere, Cohan's Italian Songs, about the effects of lugubrious pop tenors on young men and women in a piazza, and several recycled older pieces containing agonized angels, skittering virgins, and clamping heroes direct from some Graham central casting bureau.
When not avidly immersed in ER's benign cathode rays, one half of the national brain agonized over the dystopian vision put forth by Professor Charles Murray and the late Richard Herrnstein in their best-seller The Bell Curve: America, apparently, is becoming a society hopelessly polarized between a "cognitive elite" and a growing, irredeemable underclass of criminal types with submoronic 75 IQ's.