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agonize (oneself) over

To worry excessively, especially about a decision or past action. Please stop agonizing yourself over this decision. It won't really matter which one you choose. There's no need to agonize over what you said to him. He probably doesn't even remember.
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agonize (oneself) over someone or something

to fret or anguish about someone or something. Now, now, don't agonize yourself over the situation. Time cures all.
See also: agonize, over
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Here are some of the moral questions Josie and John agonize over: the meaning of patriotism and the use of violence; an individual's search for his or her own answers about right and wrong; judgment and forgiveness, including forgiving and accepting oneself.
Blitz goes in for tight facial shots as the contestants agonize and sweat over words that threaten to baffle them.
His reading is by turns professorial as Miles lectures anyone who will listen about crabs and starfish, and passionate as Miles agonizes over his parents, Angie, and Florence's approaching death.
Frankie agonizes over the decision and then decides to respect her wishes and help her.
None of these are particularly serious crises, but being the drama queen that she is, Mia agonizes.