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agitate against (someone or something)

To provoke or encourage negative feelings or opinions about someone or something; to protest something. The protesters are agitating against the company's unfair working conditions. The students have had great success agitating against the closure of the dorm, but I don't know that they will be able to change the dean's mind. No, we don't want a shopping mall in our small town, and we will agitate against it until plans are scrapped!
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agitate for (something)

To encourage and build support for a cause, especially by actively campaigning for it. The students have had great success agitating for more social events on campus, but the dean is still opposed to the idea. The protesters are agitating for better working conditions from the company. A: "Are you guys seriously agitating for a shopping mall in our small town?" B: "Yeah, we're sick having to travel 10 miles to the grocery store!"
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agitate against someone or something

to stir up active dissatisfaction about someone or something. The students were agitating against the closing of the old cafeteria.
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agitate for something

to stir up active support for something. The committee agitated for a change, but nothing was done.
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agitate against

To stir up public opposition to some cause or issue: The students in front of the administration building were agitating against the increase in tuition.
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agitate for

To stir up public support for some cause or issue: The union decided to agitate for better health insurance.
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Some of the girls had vanished, but a tight knot of them remained, talking agitatedly. "We came to her," they told the center's director and the Revolutionary Guards.
Situated near the genuine article in the museum we find a 1935-36 ink drawing of the Gruner Kopf, in which Giacometti has agitatedly drawn circles around the eyes to emphasize their vacant gaze.
Nonspecific Behaviors: Definitions and Clinical Examples Category Definition Restless Agitatedly moving about, not composed, not accompanied by unbroken sleep, in continual motion, constantly seeking change (p.
Meanwhile, Mr Cameron, who clearly could not believe his ears, was agitatedly consulting his colleagues.
As the vehicle drew closer, we could see the lead animals dancing agitatedly on the shore, edging closer to the water, then back, trying to galvanize sufficient courage to cross the wet chasm blocking their journey.
"Tell Brian about that day, Raymond," pleaded Itchy Alan, agitatedly rubbing his arms with his hands.
We see him watching Chris and the naked woman, agitatedly. His inability to cope with this excessively pleasurable vision is conspicuous to us: he drinks a lot of wine, which his poor health forbids.
A tale is told of James Watson walking down a street and agitatedly waving a paper at a passing acquaintance, saying, "Linus doesn't have his Nobel yet!" The Linus in question would have been Linus Pauling, Watson's chief competitor in the race to discover the structure of DNA.
The seated figure is envisioned with the lower part of its left leg resting forward and slightly turning to the left (instead of agitatedly moving backwards and to the right, as in the Uffizi Annunciation), which results in a more natural repose of the draperies on the ground; the cloth seems thicker, softer, and its more rounded folds appear as if subtly inflated by air.
One June weekend, as I entered the MK Bowl to watch a five-a-side soccer tournament, trucks were circling the complex, speakers cranked to 11, as a voice agitatedly bellowed out, "MK Taxi!
But Renfield's delirium is general in the film, which cuts agitatedly among disparate views and unexplained events, glimpsed in the flashes given off from an unseen lighthouse.
But in January 1935, while the book was in press, Ish-Kishor wrote agitatedly to Dreiser, "desperately upset," asking him to intervene in a "dreadful situation." (27) Putnam's manuscript editor had intr oduced several substantial revisions into the manuscript which, from the author's point of view, "lay me open to every kind of ridicule by historical scholars." The editor refused to negotiate the changes, overriding her restorations in the galleys, and the situation came close to lawsuit and countersuit.
"But it won't win in the end," says John, hopefully, agitatedly.
At worst, they may agitatedly pace the house or wander outside and get lost.