agitate for

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agitate for (something)

To encourage and build support for a cause, especially by actively campaigning for it. The students have had great success agitating for more social events on campus, but the dean is still opposed to the idea. The protesters are agitating for better working conditions from the company. A: "Are you guys seriously agitating for a shopping mall in our small town?" B: "Yeah, we're sick having to travel 10 miles to the grocery store!"
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agitate for something

to stir up active support for something. The committee agitated for a change, but nothing was done.
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agitate for

To stir up public support for some cause or issue: The union decided to agitate for better health insurance.
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In fact, without understanding this shift it will be impossible to understand Iran of the 1990s and of the new millennium; a country that has been marked with open competition and conflict among a variety of political forces, a majority of which have explicitly agitated for democracy and reform.