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agitate against

To provoke or encourage negative feelings or opinions about someone or something; to protest something. The protesters are agitating against the company's unfair working conditions.
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agitate for

To encourage and build support for a cause, especially by actively campaigning for it. The students have had great success agitating for more social events on campus, but the dean is still opposed to the idea.
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agitate against someone or something

to stir up active dissatisfaction about someone or something. The students were agitating against the closing of the old cafeteria.
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agitate for something

to stir up active support for something. The committee agitated for a change, but nothing was done.
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agitate against

To stir up public opposition to some cause or issue: The students in front of the administration building were agitating against the increase in tuition.
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agitate for

To stir up public support for some cause or issue: The union decided to agitate for better health insurance.
See also: agitate
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In our patient, due to the injection of agitated saline into the right antecubital vein, the agitated saline traveled through the right SVC and then drained directly into the LA.
Subsequently, agitated locals staged a road blockade to protest killing of two protesters.
Items were thrown from inside the property on to the street, and a man within the property was very agitated and threatening.
I acknowledge the fact that different religions of the world have provided many solutions about how to control an agitated mind.
Manila A swarm of agitated bees attacked a school in southern Philippines recently, forcing officials to cancel classes as the insects stung people in the school.
KCM s EIA report given to the Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) and published on February 11 suggests the setting up of an agitated leach plant at Nchanga Mine to refine the CROs that had been gathered for many years.
He added: "I care about the game and I'm motivated to win the game and agitated, yes, but it is one thing to be agitated and in control of your decisions and be lucid, or be completely out of control.
Summary: Casablanca - A passenger who was very agitated during a flight onboard a plane of Morocco's flag carrier RAM was sentenced by a first instance court in Casablanca to six months in prison and a fine of 450,000 dirhams(some $ 50,500).
LAHORE, January 12, 2010 (Balochistan times): Agitated mobs staged protest demonstration in different cities of Punjab including Provincial capital (Lahore) against prolonged power outages and gas load shedding as a result police resorted to aerial firing and baton charged the hostile masses to disperse them.
He arrived and seemed quite agitated when I told him the work hadn't been completed.
Gascoigne was sectioned on Sunday after approaching a member of the public in an agitated state in Hemel Hempstead, Herts.
The Democratic win in last fall's elections may have undercut the power of this piece, perhaps making many of us feel less agitated about the actions of our government.
The all-natural tablets contain safe and effective medicines that trigger the body's defenses to repair itself from agitated leg symptoms--faster than the body is able to do on its own.
Surgery staff told a jury they saw a father accused of murder 'angry, agitated and upset' on the day a young man was killed.
THE Los Angeles City Council has been grappling with a vexing problem in recent weeks: How to quiet the agitated gadflies at the regular meetings without riling up the already frustrated general public.