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age out

To be too old to remain in an age-based classification or receive age-based services. When you turn 26, you will age out of your parents' health insurance coverage. When these kids turn 10, they'll age out of the after-school program.
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age in place

To live in a single appropriately accessible residence as one ages, as opposed to moving to more accessible dwellings as one's mobility decreases. Living in the granny pad on our son's property will allow us to age in place.
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aging in place

The act of living in a single appropriately accessible residence as one ages, as opposed to moving to more accessible dwellings as one's mobility decreases. Aging in place with us has made my parents much happier than, say, moving into a retirement home and then into an assisted-living facility.
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age out (of something)

[for an adult] to grow [mentally or in years] out of certain behavior or out of a group or classification that is based on age. (Jargon.) Most of them tend to age out at about 35.
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age out

To reach an age at which one is no longer eligible for certain special services, such as education or protection, from an authority: Unfortunately I have aged out of the special student scholarship program, so I have to pay full price for these classes.
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With aging there is an increase in inflammation," which may cause health problems, says Claudio Franceschi of the Italian National Institute on Aging and the University of Bologna.
The hope," says Low, "is that we can modify or affect the aging process," to prolong the life of red cells either in blood banks or within the body.
The trick in using that information against cancer or aging will be to uncouple one effect from the other.
GHR now available in America, just in time for the aging Baby Boomers and everyone else from age 30 to 90 who doesn't want to age but would rather stay young, beautiful and healthy all of the time.
Similarly, the culturally specific nature of Deborah Bowen's work with Lakota men suggests the uniqueness with which we must approach aging men and specifically the cultural lives of aging men Her interviews revealed a great deal of the hardships and success within the lives of men living within the world of the Rosebud Reservation, home of Lakota people for many generations.
He added, "There is a substantial research effort in inherited diseases that are associated with advances in aging and with abnormalities in stress response.
California Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
Unfortunately, aging can become a time of crisis for those who fail to find peace at this stage in their lives.
Her English experts of the 1930s, especially among eugenicists, contributed to alarm over demographic aging, a situation Patrice Bourdelais discovered in France at the same time.
Numerous acoustic and physiologic studies have characterized the qualitative changes in the aging voice, and recent studies have described the histopathologic abnormalities in the aging larynx, as well.
Speakers from the National Institute on Aging and institutions funded by federal grants offered several possible directions, all related to nonmedical approaches to improving the quality of life of older Americans.
large increase in damping after aging, but the samples with
These tales arise partly out of our fear of the unknown and partly out of our belief that aging is a wholly negative process.
And the aging of the baby boomers was expected to create a need in the future for more traditional elements within Nabisco's pension program.