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age in place

To live in a single appropriately accessible residence as one ages, as opposed to moving to more accessible dwellings as one's mobility decreases. Living in the granny pad on our son's property will allow us to age in place.
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age out

To be too old to remain in an age-based classification or receive age-based services. When you turn 26, you will age out of your parents' health insurance coverage. When these kids turn 10, they'll age out of the after-school program.
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aging in place

The act of living in a single appropriately accessible residence as one ages, as opposed to moving to more accessible dwellings as one's mobility decreases. Aging in place with us has made my parents much happier than, say, moving into a retirement home and then into an assisted-living facility.
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age out (of something)

[for an adult] to grow [mentally or in years] out of certain behavior or out of a group or classification that is based on age. (Jargon.) Most of them tend to age out at about 35.
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age out

To reach an age at which one is no longer eligible for certain special services, such as education or protection, from an authority: Unfortunately I have aged out of the special student scholarship program, so I have to pay full price for these classes.
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Neuroendocrine theory of aging was originated by Prof.
Researchers continue to document the link between p16 and aging. For example, European researchers found that p16 was more than twice as abundant in skin cells from people 21 to 70 years old--and approximately seven times as abundant in cells from people over 70--as it was in cells of children and teenagers.
The impact on the economy, investment, and living standard of an aging population can be seen in the neoclassical production function, which states that output is a function of capital and labor inputs and technological changes.
Let's take a sobering look at the implications of aging in place from the real world perspective of four very involved groups:
Does this apparent change in self accompany the aging process?
The quarterly journal Generations, the bimonthly newspaper Aging Today, and the e-newsletter ASA Connection feature news on research and clinical practice, information on educational events, new programs, and other resources, and updates on federal legislation affecting aging adults and those caring for them.
The human experience of loss and grief causes depression at any age, and aging is a time of loss.
"Because some weaknesses are a normal part of aging," explains Take, "ambulating with the aid of a walker, low vision, or impaired hearing does not disqualify a resident." In fact, students can see firsthand that, although physical impairments might necessitate adaptations to lifestyle, they need not diminish quality of life.
They include public figures whose aging drew comment, published authors describing their own aging, and otherwise unknown individuals who happened to tell their stories to royal commissions and interested social scientists.
To date, there has been no study of the role of free radicals and oxidative damage in the aging larynx.
For more information on aging and exercise see the National Institute on Aging at and the Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science at
* CPAs WISHING TO PRACTICE ELDERCARE need to acquire, in addition to traditional skills, some new, nontraditional skills such as understanding the common physical and mental effects of aging, LTC alternatives and, perhaps most important, a willingness to work with the elderly.
properties after aging at 150 [degrees] C for 0, 70, 140, 210 and 280
At a conference on aging held at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Boston-area elders expressed more interest in spirituality than in any other topic.