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in the aggregate

Considered in full; taken as a whole. Despite a dip in the economy, our company has continued to see a profit in the aggregate this year.
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on aggregate

Taken as a whole; with all numbers added and considered together. Used especially in reference to financial sums and sporting events consisting of multiple games added together. Though they lost the second match 2–1, their 4–0 victory on Monday means they win 5–2 on aggregate. Families earning less than $30,000 on aggregate may be entitled to tax rebates under the new law.
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in the aggregate

Considered as a whole, as in Our profits in the aggregate have been slightly higher. [Late 1700s]
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on ˈaggregate

(British English, sport) when the scores of a number of games are added together: They won 4-2 on aggregate.
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in the aggregate

Taken into account as a whole: Unit sales for December amounted in the aggregate to 100,000.
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Aggregation is easily defined as the process of combining several numerical scores with respect to each criterion by using an aggregation operator in order to produce a global score [7], Detyniecki [8] defines an aggregation as 'mathematical object that has the function of reducing a set of numbers into a unique representative value'.
Conclusion: Further studies with larger number of peritoneal dialysis patients are required to prove the action of leptin on thrombocyte aggregation.
When testing handsets carrier aggregation capabilities with the R&S CMW500, the throughput in downlink and uplink can be verified by setting up real end-to-end data connections to the built-in IP servers no matter what the handset is using, TD-LTE or LTE-FDD.
Both provide dual active Ethernet uplink ports and support a large number of subscribers through aggregation and management.
There are numerous types of data aggregation schemes [15][16]: centralized, tree-based, static-cluster-based, and dynamic-cluster-based.
We believe the FLASHWAVE 6400 aggregation switch offers the right combination of product and services to attract and close some significant opportunities.
Many scientists hold that this protein aggregation causes the disease.
So, why should we worry about such a major data aggregation headache?
Laboratory results demonstrated that aggregation of ink particles is enhanced by the presence of fatty acids and calcium, which is consistent with the improved flotation observed under the same conditions outlined in Part I.
At present, Meridien reports, only about 600,000 customers are active account aggregation users, a number far below the figure needed to call the concept a success.
In our study, 1 and 5 mM nickel in the presence of fibrinogen induced platelet aggregation (independently of protein kinase C activation) and secretion.
Insurers that don't participate in online account aggregation risk losing an attractive customer segment.
In Propstra, 680 F2d 1248 (1982), the Ninth Circuit rejected aggregation in a similar community property case involving real estate.
Under the aggregation rule, none of the plans sponsored by a controlled group that are aggregated for purposes of qualification testing plans may be under examination.