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in the aggregate

Considered in full; taken as a whole. Despite a dip in the economy, our company has continued to see a profit in the aggregate this year.
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on aggregate

Taken as a whole; with all numbers added and considered together. Used especially in reference to sporting events consisting of multiple games added together, as well as to financial sums. Though they lost second match 2–1, their 4–0 victory on Monday means they win 5–2 on aggregate. Families earning less than $30,000 on aggregate may be entitled to tax rebates under the new law.
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in the aggregate

Considered as a whole, as in Our profits in the aggregate have been slightly higher. [Late 1700s]
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on ˈaggregate

(British English, sport) when the scores of a number of games are added together: They won 4-2 on aggregate.
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in the aggregate

Taken into account as a whole: Unit sales for December amounted in the aggregate to 100,000.
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w] method resulted in the liberation of aggregates generally > 250 [micro]m in diameter, whereas the MW[S.
The purpose of this investigation is to further elucidate the mechanism of chip refining by means of microscopic examinations of fiber aggregates collected inside a refiner and at the refiner discharge.
They concluded that roots could extract water and nutrients from aggregates, even without axile root penetration of the aggregates.
In keeping with the requirements of the Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978 (the Humphrey-Hawkins Act), the Committee at this meeting reviewed the ranges for growth of the monetary and debt aggregates that it had established in February for 1997, and it decided on tentative ranges for those aggregates for 1998.
Paraffinic oil causes a reduction in the glass rubber transition (Tg) due to the plasticization of the backbone chain and the transition due to ionic aggregates is only marginally affected.
Vulcan Materials Company (NYSE: VMC), the nation's largest producer of construction aggregates and a major producer of other construction materials, and Florida Rock Industries Inc.
facility in Denny, Stirlingshire, was officially opened May 12th and will produce more than 56,000 metric tons of recycled aggregates from construction, demolition and excavation waste in its first year of operation, rising to more than 92,000 metric tons per year after that.
About 20 cottage owners calling themselves the Citizens Concerned for Michipicoten Bay are demanding the province conduct a full environmental assessment of the open pit mining operation proposed by Superior Aggregates.
One of the keys to RMC's success has been the tireless efforts of Mark Wachal to preach, lobby and cajole for the cause of recycled aggregates.
When analyzed by market group, the data show that the aggregate output of consumer goods jumped 1.
In spite of the fact that this parameter is well controlled and can be relatively easily adjusted during carbon black production, it does not represent an "invariant" since the agglomerates easily change their shapes and spatial distribution during mixing and thus influence the volume of voids between the aggregates in the final compound.
In some cases, foundry sands are more angular than typical bank-run aggregates.
The Modeling of Aggregates and Crowd Evaluation software, called MACE Station(TM), is a prototype platform for examining the actions of individuals in group, or aggregate, situations.
Comprehensive study was carried out on the aggregates of Kunhar River, Garhi Habibullah, District Mansehra.
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