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in the aggregate

Considered in full; taken as a whole. Despite a dip in the economy, our company has continued to see a profit in the aggregate this year.
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on aggregate

Taken as a whole; with all numbers added and considered together. Used especially in reference to financial sums and sporting events consisting of multiple games added together. Though they lost the second match 2–1, their 4–0 victory on Monday means they win 5–2 on aggregate. Families earning less than $30,000 on aggregate may be entitled to tax rebates under the new law.
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in the aggregate

Considered as a whole, as in Our profits in the aggregate have been slightly higher. [Late 1700s]
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on ˈaggregate

(British English, sport) when the scores of a number of games are added together: They won 4-2 on aggregate.
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in the aggregate

Taken into account as a whole: Unit sales for December amounted in the aggregate to 100,000.
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African American students' mean global scores were significantly lower than their White counterparts on both measures, indicating aggregately a more negative attitude toward police.
It is interesting that, after all the different, possible firm policies for managing inventory and transportation costs, these costs, when measured aggregately, remain cointegrated.
Furthermore, actively managed domestic equity funds aggregately underperformed these same equity-heavy target-date categories over the second quarter, by 16 bps, and year-to-date periods, by 50 bps, as of June.
Aggregately, Pakistan has succeeded in complying with about 62% of Principles due to extremely dedicated efforts by the Commission after its recent completion and its functioning at full strength.
In Asia, Malaysia privatized about 358 projects in which telecom and energy sector was on top in 1990 and then, in June 1993, Philippine also came in to the race of privatization where it transferred the 78 state- led enterprises to private companies and by the next month, Srilanka also putted its efforts in privatizing the major telecom giants specially in adopting the global policies of privatization and aggregately more than 30% of the state-led enterprises were privatized by the Srilankan government .
The fields have aggregately produced over 120 m barrels of oil since being discovered in the 1940s.
Responses collected from this survey will be stored aggregately for 3 years after the completion of the study.
These measures were examined aggregately since there are not enough studies to examine these measures individually.
Of course strictly speaking what remains is the difference of wills concerning the object of the contention, because on the other hand when a peace is concluded parties agree with the solution and aggregately there is no difference in their wills.
Meanwhile, AC Saddar Rafia Haider imposed a fine of Rs 150,000 aggregately to three fertilizer dealers, including Fayyaz Fertilizer on Sargodha Road, Azam Fertilizer and Khishi Muhammad and Co.
Two investigations aggregately documented 5 rabid dogs from Myanmar that entered villages in China (Dehong Prefecture); attacked humans, pigs, horses, and other domestic animals; and caused turmoil in the affected rural communities (20, 21).
For phylogenetic clustering pattern it is expected that phylogenetically closely related species tend to distribute aggregately. In contrast phylogenetic overdispersion pattern shows that closely related species tend to avoid each other leading to segregating distribution patterns among species.
Then, the data was aggregately analyzed, and it was just indicated the teachers' profiles when appropriate.
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