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in the aggregate

Considered in full; taken as a whole. Despite a dip in the economy, our company has continued to see a profit in the aggregate this year.
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in the aggregate

Considered as a whole, as in Our profits in the aggregate have been slightly higher. [Late 1700s]
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on ˈaggregate

(British English, sport) when the scores of a number of games are added together: They won 4-2 on aggregate.
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in the aggregate

Taken into account as a whole: Unit sales for December amounted in the aggregate to 100,000.
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Now assume that a positive aggregate demand shock occurs and shifts both aggregate demand curves horizontally by the distance [E.
After leaving the classifier, the aggregate sand is taken to a pneumatic conveyor, which sends the material to holding silos.
Getting through to state transportation officials and road building contractors that recycled aggregates can and should be used for a variety of different roadbuilding tasks can be difficult for producers of the material.
A 5-mm-diameter air-dry aggregate of soil was placed into the deionised water and left for 2 h and subsequently treated according to the SAWM.
In other situations the aggregate remaining fund information may not be qualitatively or quantitatively material to the primary government.
The Supreme Court rejected these arguments as not illustrative of how the aggregate method falls outside the bounds of reasonableness, considering that Fior D'Italia stipulated that it would not challenge the IRS's calculation.
The study also showed that multiple environmental media are important contributors to aggregate exposure, so epidemiologists should account for both dietary and nondietary exposure in their assessments.
Some restraint on aggregate demand would come from other sectors of the economy--notably government spending, net exports, housing, and perhaps business inventories.
Paraffinic oil causes a reduction in the glass rubber transition (Tg) due to the plasticization of the backbone chain and the transition due to ionic aggregates is only marginally affected.
00 in cash for each Florida Rock share, subject to proration, to ensure that in the aggregate 70% of Florida Rock shares will be converted into cash and 30% of Florida Rock shares will be converted into stock.
Portable crushing and screening equipment would process as much as 1,000 tonnes of aggregate per hour when production is ramped up to full capacity.
Among the key products made at this plant are roadbase materials and a Spec #57 coarse aggregate.
Under that interpretation the IRS would not be allowed to use its aggregate estimation method.
Under the aggregate theory, each partner is viewed as owning a direct interest in each partnership asset and is directly taxed on a share of partnership income.
Two recent articles [Barro (1994) and Geithman (1994)] have argued that the aggregate demand/aggregate supply approach is incorrect and/or inappropriate for explaining macroeconomic theory (or theories) to students.