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'I say,' resumed the secretary, in a slow, impressive way; 'we can't tell what may come to pass; and if we should be obliged, against our wills, to have recourse to violence, my lord (who has suffered terribly to-day, as far as words can go) consigns to you two--bearing in mind my recommendation of you both, as good staunch men, beyond all doubt and suspicion--the pleasant task of punishing this Haredale.
"Captives against our wills, have we been brought amongst you; and we ask but permission to depart to our own in peace.
The very word "resistance" conjures the physical action of pushing back against whatever is being forced on us against our wills.
Most of the countries in the areas do not stand against our wills since we have mutual interests with each others.
Rather, sublimity lives in the disjuncture between pain inflicted to our sensual nature (say, in acknowledging hopeless love or subduing vengefulness) and delight in the moral nature that "vanquishes]" (Maria's word) the drive to fulfil destructive passions or to experience necessity as violence against our wills. In this light, Maria's worldly attachments are crucial to the sublime, but not because they necessarily betray base passions.
Some of us have become entrepreneurs against our wills. I was let go from a company when it reorganized more than 15 years ago.