against nature

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against ˈnature

not natural; not moral: Murder is a crime against nature.
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For the future of mankind, we do not have to struggle against nature but find a symbiotic path with it," he added.
As for the items concerned with preventing the violation of nature, the draft law sets strict sanctions for a number of crimes which could be committed against nature and to prevent them.
The band won four Grammys for Two Against Nature after reforming in the 1990s.
They are being investigated by federal law enforcement for committing "crimes against nature," according to (https://pilotonline.
When we go against nature, it revenges, the environmentalist concluded.
With strong characters and suspenseful scenes strung one after another, readers enter an amazing work of speculative fiction that pits good against evil, man against man, and man against nature.
He has all kinds of miracles, things that go against nature.
Setting meaning against nature make reality contentious, says Weissman, and he asks whether there are many realities or many perspectives on one.
When you build something somewhere so beautiful and unique, it has to blend in with its surrounding … or it would be a crime against nature," the museum's architect, Gabriel Mikhail, told the Associated Press.
Last year, while addressing a meeting organized by the Women and Democracy Association (KADEM), the president stated, "You cannot bring women and men into an equal position; this is against nature.
We should make all our steps not against nature, but with nature in mind," PM Otorbayev stressed.
However, the Church cannot condone homosexuality, as it is against nature and the union of a man and a woman in a sacred marriage.
Scottish Farmer magazine conducted a simple poll asking if sea eagles should be controlled (quite how, is another matter) It had not however reckoned with the extreme wing of the raptor lobby which treats any criticism of blasphemy against nature.
2) But when she later met with her parole officer, Hiroke learned that she had in fact been charged under an obscure (and nationally unparalleled) statute known as Crime Against Nature by Solicitation, or CANS.
What an absolutely heinous, devastating crime against nature and the planet.