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But that's against my principles. Think not, is my eleventh commandment; and sleep when you can, is my twelfth -- So here goes again.
Thank him heartily; but tell him it's against my principles to drink with the man I've diddled.
It is wholly against my principles to give money away to people of this class.
From what I now saw of her, and what I heard from the children, I know that, in order to gain her cordial friendship, I had but to utter a word of flattery at each convenient opportunity: but this was against my principles; and for lack of this, the capricious old dame soon deprived me of her favour again, and I believe did me much secret injury.
"I saw it, I saw it," Lebeziatnikov repeated, "and though it is against my principles, I am ready this very minute to take any oath you like before the court, for I saw how you slipped it in her pocket.
"Never, and never will: it's against my principle. Go and get another chair from the kitchen, Tinker, if you want to sit down; and then we'll have a bit of supper."
Basing decisions on religious affiliation goes against my principles, or the values I am trying to teach my children.
"We needed to (mix it), we weren't picking up results trying to play the same way, I had to go against my principles, it hurts me to do that, but it is not about me it is about getting the best out of the team and I think I have got a response from it."
"But what she said was against my principles of team spirit.
I would not lay off people at Christmas - that's against my principles."