against (one's) better judgment

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against (one's) better judgment

In spite of one's apprehension or objections. Against his better judgment, Joe let his daughter attend her friend's party. I allowed my obnoxious co-worker to accompany me on my work trip, against my better judgment. A: "You named your loudmouth cousin your senior advisor?" B: "Yes, against my better judgment. At least this way, I'll be able to keep a close eye on him."
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against one's better judgment

Despite serious misgivings or objections, as in Against my better judgment, I told her to come whenever she pleased.
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against your better judgement

contrary to what you feel to be wise or sensible.
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against your better ˈjudgement

(especially British English) (American English usually against your better ˈjudgment) although you know your action, decision, etc. is not sensible: She was persuaded against her better judgement to lend him the money, and now she’s regretting it.
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References in classic literature ?
It was a great concession he was making, and he felt that he did it against his better judgment. Her reception of it was a surprise to him.
Against his better judgment, Daylight gave in, and, on an unfrequented stretch of road, changed saddles and bridles.
"Oh, do let the Swiper go in," chorus the boys; so Tom yields against his better judgment.
Chief Inspector Heat was led to add, against his better judgment:
Against his better judgment Jolly takes the case, little knowing that following the dead daughter's trail will lead directly to a villainous plot that may well threaten the safety and security of the entire world.
Against his better judgment, Kale is drawn into the most dangerous cat and mouse game of his life.
..Al Pacino THEY showed the first Godfather movie on TV last weekend and it was brilliant to see again Pacino's portrayal of Michael Corleone, the young man drawn into the violent, corrupt world of his family against his better judgment. Pacino was in Glasgow recently and now he is back on the big screen in Danny Collins as a pop lothario trying to change his life after getting a letter from John Lennon.
Against his better judgment, William signs a 69-page contract agreeing to do Christina's bidding, but has indecent proposals in mind.
However, an impatient Hercules puts everyone at risk when he goes against his better judgment and sets off in search of Medusa after receiving information from the unscrupulous Crios.
Martin Luther's Anti-Semitism: Against His Better Judgment. By Eric W.
Against his better judgment, Andy invites along his mother Joyce (Streisand), with the intention of laying to rest the ghosts of her past.
The brilliant and idealistic Professor Karl Hendryk leads a morally-upstanding life, but his world is turned upside-down when the prospect of life-saving treatment for his invalid wife persuades him to take on a new pupil against his better judgment. * VERDICT is at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, from May 23-28.
A new kid with a sense of humor who, against his better judgment, carries his parents' gift of a leather briefcase to school finds it brings him something more than teasing.
Dortmunder, a robber by profession, against his better judgment reluctantly agrees to take part in a scam that involves grave robbing, DNA, and Native American gambling casinos along with a host of wacky characters.
THE Nationalists are like a man who has decided, against his better judgment, to divorce his wife.