against (one's) better judgment

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against (one's) better judgment

In spite of one's apprehension or objections. Against his better judgment, Joe let his daughter attend her friend's party. I allowed my obnoxious co-worker to accompany me on my work trip, against my better judgment. A: "You named your loudmouth cousin your senior advisor?" B: "Yes, against my better judgment. At least this way, I'll be able to keep a close eye on him."
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against one's better judgment

Despite serious misgivings or objections, as in Against my better judgment, I told her to come whenever she pleased.
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against your better judgement

contrary to what you feel to be wise or sensible.
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against your better ˈjudgement

(especially British English) (American English usually against your better ˈjudgment) although you know your action, decision, etc. is not sensible: She was persuaded against her better judgement to lend him the money, and now she’s regretting it.
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Is it even remotely plausible that either one of these moderately skeptical strategies will adequately cover all cases of voluntary and knowing action against better judgment? Consider some of the obstacles each strategy faces.
So, it is a mark of the willfulness of Davidson's act against better judgment that his better judgment is in this case supported by pleasant feelings associated with the comforts of bed, the promise of good sleep, and sleepiness itself.
(2) I use the terms interchangeably to refer to knowing and voluntary choice or action against better judgment. This follows a common recent usage.
When he goes against better judgment to seek out a (possibly stolen) replacement part for the auto with a friend, they're dragged into an even more desperate household's ugly domestic warfare.
Presses me for a date and, against better judgment, agree to a week on Friday.
Again, he acts against better judgment and his nascent ability with actuarial tables, and agrees.