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(oneself) again

Back to one's normal physical health or mental disposition. It took a lot of therapy, but I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. He hasn't been himself since the accident.
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Again(, please)

. Say it one more time, please. Tom: I need some money. I'll pay you back. Bill (pretending not to hear): Again, please. Tom: I said I need some money. How many times do I have to say it?
References in classic literature ?
Nikita again climbed out and again trudged about in the snow.
Again Nikita went stumbling through the snow, again he fell in, again climbed out and trudged about, and at last quite out of breath he sat down beside the sledge.
And again was there a laughing, and it fled: then did it become still around me, as with a double stillness.
You begin to feel more yourself again, sir," he said, as the candle went out and they were half-hidden from each other in the faint moonlight.
He turned to get a chair--turned so quickly that he saw the billiard-room door move, as Grace Roseberry closed it again.
Mr Swiveller immediately laid himself down again quite flat, and so remained for about five minutes.
When night came she wanted to go home; and the king's son would go with her, and said to himself, 'I will not lose her this time'; but, however, she again slipped away from him, though in such a hurry that she dropped her left golden slipper upon the stairs.
Again and again they closed upon him, and again and again he hewed a clear space.
I thought it would,' said the Cat, and vanished again.
After a while Robin looked around him with tear-dimmed eyes and said, in a husky voice, "Now, I swear that never again will I leave these dear woodlands.
And suddenly thoughts and feelings again swam to the surface of his mind with peculiar clearness and force.
He moved slowly, hunting and fishing, or again fraternizing or quarreling with the other savage denizens of the jungle.
For a moment, stranger as I was, my face seemed to trouble her as if it had been a face that she had seen and forgotten again.
She says she can't think of a thing--not a thing about this not walkin' again, ter be glad about.
Of late, the neglected bed in the Temple Court had known him more scantily than ever; and often when he had thrown himself upon it no longer than a few minutes, he had got up again, and haunted that neighbourhood.